Whether you’re ready for a 4K smartphone display or not, ZTE’s Star 3 might deliver the goods

With 2K displays running rampant on today's flagship Android smartphones, it shouldn't be a surprise that ZTE is rumored to be pushing the envelope and release the Star 3 with a 4K display.

New app Abra turns people into banks, making bank accounts obsolete

Banks are for the privileged. That's the simple thesis driving the development of Abra, a startup that is taking out the middle man (the bank) when it comes to financial transactions.

The Best of WWDC 2015 explained 4:44

Apple Music, iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan top the list of the latest software to be unveiled by Apple. Joshua Smith breaks down these new additions and more in this new episode of "Explained."

Explore cool new Vine videos with the new and improved search function for iOS

Vine, the popular video sharing service, has updated its iOS app to include better search results. By heading on over to the Explore tab, users will now able to browse through Top or Recent posts.

Facebook Messenger for Android reaches 1 billion downloads

Facebook's Messenger app has reached over 1 billion downloads on the Android Google Play store. This puts it in the three comma club with a very exclusive group of successful apps from Facebook and Google.

BlackBerry Passport 2 Rumors: Check out the next square QWERTY phone from BlackBerry

BlackBerry is likely prepping a successor to last year's Passport, and recently-leaked images show off the Oslo in all of its glory. More like a refresh than a radical redesign, the Oslo could be announced later this month.

Asus actually made some money from its smartphones in May

Asus may make the majority of its money from computer hardware, but the company's smartphone business turned in a profit back in May. The company expects shipments to increase, thanks in part to product launches in the near future.

Major tech firms urge President Obama to keep his mitts off encryption

Tech companies including Apple, Google, Facebook, and IBM write a formal letter to President Obama urging him to respect consumers' rights to encrypt their data. The government contends that encryption impedes investigations.

Messaging apps like WhatsApp grow more popular every day, but revenue is shrinking

Thanks to over-the-top (OTT) apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, messaging traffic will more than double by 2019. That's the good news. The bad news is that overall revenue will drop by $600 million.

Will iOS 9 finally let the iPad replace your laptop?

Apple has announced that iOS 9 will bring multi-tasking to the iPad at long last, but are dreams of replacing your laptop achievable, or still overly optimistic?

You’ll love this app if you were a fan of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The Challenged app lets users create video-based challenges with their friends, or engage with brands for benefit competitions. The app claims to bring in celebrities and influencers to drive healthy competition in one…

Xperia Z4 Tablet set for June 29 launch in the UK, comes packaged with keyboard

The Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet will be released at the end of June in the UK, where it's packaged with an external keyboard for £500, or $765. This is just in time to meet Sony's own release estimate made back in March.