Qualcomm’s new reference devices give us a peek at its Snapdragon 810 processor

Qualcomm announced two new reference devices, a smartphone and a tablet. While both pack impressive specs and a wide variety of sensors, the star of the show is the new Snapdragon 810 SoC.

The V.360 aims to be the GoPro of panoramic video cameras, now available for $399

The V.360 is the latest panoramic camera to enter the market. Like the competition, it captures both 1080p HD video and high-res still images, but it is compatible with GoPro mounts.
Cool Tech

Google lets people control its largest digital advertisement

Google allows people to Androidifiy themselves into avatars and play as them with others on an eight-story digital screen in New York's Times Square.

T-Mobile forced to tell users how much they’re being throttled

T-Mobile must now inform customers when their data speed is being throttled and send links to accurate speed tests. The FCC ordered the Uncarrier to act, after reports of misleading speed tests emerged.

Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile discount their smartphones for Black Friday

Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile, Sprint's no-contract subsidiaries, have revealed their offerings for the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. Boost Mobile's deals begin on Friday, while Virgin Mobile's have begun.

New Google Shopping features land in time for Black Friday shopping stampede

Google has rolled out some changes to its mobile Google Shopping search tool in an effort to give you a better chance of bagging a bargain during this week's Black Friday shopping stampede.

Swap your iPhone for a Passport and BlackBerry will give you up to $550

Are there any iPhone users out there who'd swap their handset for a BlackBerry Passport? The Canadian company certainly hopes so, and has just launched a trade-in program in an attempt to nudge them in its direction.

No pockets? No problem. Clipless uses the magic of magnets to cling anywhere

Not everyone clips a smartphone on a belt anymore, but for those devoid of any pockets, the Clipless uses magnets and the fabric of your clothing to keep it hovering in place. No belts or pockets required.

T-Mobile stops counting Soundcloud and 13 other music services toward your data cap

T-Mobile doubles down on Music Freedom program by adding 14 new music streaming service including Google Play Music, Xbox Music and Soundcloud

Apple gets charitable, launches renewed, high profile (RED) campaign

Apple teams up with app developers and the (RED) campaign to raise money for the treatment of AIDS/HIV around the world. The purchase of select apps and products will result in a donation to the Global Fund.

Top job shake up possible at Samsung after Galaxy S5 sales disappoint

According to a new report, Samsung's Galaxy S5 hasn't been the big hit the company expected, and has sold in far fewer numbers than the Galaxy S4. Its poor performance may cause a management reshuffle at the firm.

Want a smart watch but hate smartwatches? The T-Band smart strap could be for you

Do you want a smartwatch, but aren't ready to give up your existing, regular watch? Then you'll want to learn about the T-Band, a smart strap for turning your dumb watch into something much smarter.