The accessory every iPhone 6 Plus user needs: A thumb extender!

The iPhone 6 Plus may be too big for most people to handle, but luckily, a Japanese company has created a "finger stylus" thumb extender to help you reach across that massive expanse of screen.

BlackBerry’s back — Kinda? Says it has sold 200,000 Passport phones

BlackBerry CEO John Chen says the company has already sold 200,000 Passport smartphones, just 48 hours after it went up for pre-order. The Passport also became the best-selling unlocked phone on

This company thinks it can fix Google Glass’ problems

Mota, a company with big ambitions, has shown us a prototype of its own version of Google Glass. However, it's no mere copycat, because Mota's SmartGlass aims to solve some of Glass' little annoying problems.

SanDisk supports 4K video in new high-speed UHS-I MicroSDXC cards

SanDisk has announced a new series UHS-I Class 3 MicroSDHC/XC cards that support 4K video recording. Available in 16, 32, and 64GB capacities, and reach transfer speeds of up to 95MB a second.

FAA approves replacing a pilot’s flight bag with the Surface Pro 3

Almost a year after Delta replaced its pilots' flight bags with Surface Pro 2 units, the FAA approved the replacement of flight bags with the Surface Pro 3. Microsoft also announced a pilot-centric application for Windows 8.1.

Zopo plans international launch for the $320, Z999 octa-core smartphone

You could be forgiven for thinking Zopo is the name of a clown, but it's not. Zopo is a Chinese smartphone brand looking to make a global impression, and will launch the octa-core ZP999 in October.

How to best shoot panorama photos on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Apple's latest smartphones do more than just capture fantastic stills and shoot time-lapse videos with the implementation of iOS 8. Check out our guide on how to shoot panorama photos on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus for our step-by-step…

Instagram adds ridiculously named ‘Selfielapse’ mode to its Hyperlapse app

Instagram's Hyperlapse spin-off app has been updated to include a new mode, which lets you take time-lapse videos using the front cam on your iPhone. The name for this new feature? It's Selfielapse, of course.

Bendgate: Apple opens doors to testing lab, says it’s only had 9 complaints of bent phones

Apple has opened the doors to its "reliability testing lab" to show customers how it tests the strength and durability of its products. The move comes as some users of the recently released iPhone 6 Plus complain of bent devices.

Samsung, LG, and even Conan O’Brien use #BendGate to mock Apple (Updated)

The controversy spreading over iPhone 6 Plus models being bent out of shape has taken over many of Apple's rival's social media accounts. Never afraid to get stuck in, here are the best jabs taken at Apple so far.

How to create time-lapse video on your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Apple's iOS 8 provides more than a few camera enhancements and the ability to opt out of group text messages. Check out our guide on how to capture stunning time-lapse videos on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, so you can track the stars and more…

Apple releases iOS 8.0.2 to address issues with Wednesday’s update

Within hours of Apple rolling out its first update to iOS 8 on Wednesday, a number of users started to complain of problems with their iPhones. The company quickly pulled the software but has just rolled out iOS 8.0.2 to clear up the mess.