T-Mobile becomes the first U.S. carrier to slash prices of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

T-Mobile recently revealed a round of permanent price cuts for both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, an expected move on Samsung's part after the company revealed rather disappointing earnings for the second quarter.

Sprint shacks up with RadioShack in last ditch effort to save 1,435 store locations

Earlier this year, RadioShack filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy after nearly 100 years in business. In an attempt to keep the company afloat, a deal with Sprint sees the company moving into 1,435 RadioShack locations, but is it too late?

Want an invite for the OnePlus 2? Bid for one on eBay and help a great cause, too

OnePlus is giving you a chance to get an invite for the OnePlus 2 a lot sooner than usual. The company is offering 100 invites through eBay Giving Works, and all proceeds will benefit the UNICEF Tap Project.

Sharing photos with everyone at an event just got much easier, thanks to the Slide app

Want everyone in the room to see the picture you just took? Slide lets you share images with strangers via Bluetooth. There are no contacts in the app. You can just push photos to anyone you want who is within 200 feet of you.

Harman affirms that Fiat-Chrysler’s Uconnect is the only hackable infotainment system

Harman says the Fiat-Chrysler hack is unique, and it stresses the infotainment system it provides to other companies is completely safe. It explains Fiat-Chrysler's Uconnect is an older system that doesn't have the same safety features as…

Garmin’s new fitness tracking watch comes in two sizes, because not all wrists are the same

Garmin knows that a massive smartwatch/fitness tracker doesn't look right on a small wrist, so it has made the new Forerunner 25 in two different sizes. The GPS-enabled wearable also has basic smartwatch capabilities, and is on sale soon…

See how happy some people are when they use Android, but think it’s iOS 9

It's one of the great modern debates: Which is better, iOS or Android? If this funny video is anything to go by, nobody can really tell the difference. But when told Android is iOS 9, they really like it.

More Instagram ads on the way after company flips switch on new API

Instagram flipped the switch on its new Ads API this week, making it much easier for businesses to advertise on the service. As a user, you'll likely notice a gradual increase in the number of ads, though Instagram will be careful to keep…

Baby role-play, or virtual kidnapping, is the most disturbing Instagram hashtag ever

In what may be the most disturbing trend to hit social media ever, some parents are discovering that their children have become victims of what is essentially virtual kidnapping, or baby role-play.

Teen labeled a sex offender after hooking up with a girl who lied in a dating app

Lying about your age on a dating app can have serious consequences. Zachery Anderson, a 19-year-old man, is now a registered sex offender for having sex with a girl he hooked up with through a dating app.
Cool Tech

Sphero unveils programmable SPRK Edition to teach kids about robotics 2:00

You know Sphero? The little robotic ball you can drive around with your smartphone? Well, earlier today the creators released a new version of the hit toy, dubbed Sphero SPRK, that's geared toward robotics education.