Uber’s ride-sharing service banned in Berlin on passenger safety grounds

Uber has been banned in Berlin, with city officials claiming passengers using the service might not be covered by insurance. The startup said the move limited consumer choice "for all the wrong reasons," adding that it intends to challenge…

Samsung acquires smart-home startup SmartThings for a reported $200 million

Samsung has acquired smart-home startup SmartThings in a deal reported to be worth $200 million. The move should see SmartThings' platform expand to more device makers as Samsung seeks to establish itself in the home automation space.

Global smartphone shipments pass 300m for first time in single quarter

Global smartphone shipments passed 300 million for the first time in a single quarter, according to new data from IDC. Android increased its market share compared to a year earlier, while iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry all experienced a…

50 Cent introduces SMS Audio BioSport Headphones powered by Intel

50 Cent's SMS Audio partnered with Intel to make the BioSport headphones, which feature a heart rate monitor and sync with RunKeeper. The in-ear headphones are due out in the fourth quarter.

Getting jerked around? Here’s how to record customer service calls

Have you ever been on a customer service call so outrageous you wish you'd recorded it? Just follow our simple guide and we'll have you recording those calls in no time.
Product Review

Nokia Lumia 635 Review

Nokia Lumia 635 review.

BlackBerry Passport: Hands-on video shows off keyboard features

BlackBerry is back at it with a new, square, QWERTY smartphone called the Passport. The BlackBerry Passport will launch in September, but here's everything we know so far.

Lenovo, a PC company, is now selling more smartphones than computers

In a rather surprising turn of events for the company, Lenovo announced that smartphone sales surpassed those of its PCs for the first time in its history. The company sold 15.8 million smartphones.

Google will add malicious download notifications to Chrome

Chrome will soon be able to tell you whenever you come across malicious downloads while browsing the Web.

Premium iPhone 6 models with sapphire glass may fetch a higher price

Apple may release premium versions of the iPhone 6 with sapphire screens in limited numbers. These sapphire glass iPhones might cost more, though. The iWatch may also get a sapphire screen.

Scribble cancels Kickstarter campaign: Is it a hoax? (updated)

A new Kickstarter project called Scribble created a pen and a stylus that can perfectly match any color using a RGB sensor and then reproduce it faithfully.
Home Theater

Verizon wants to send cable TV to wireless devices via 4G LTE

Verizon revealed its plans to deliver its FiOS pay-TV service to wireless devices via 4G LTE, according to the Radio & Television Business Report. A spokesman for the company told RTBR that Verizon's wireless network is in the best position…