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Does this man hold the key to practical wireless charging? Cota sure looks like it

Hatem Zeine has been cracking the code of wireless power delivery since 2001, and his startup Ossia is finally ready to banish dead batteries forever with Cota, a remote wireless power system he hopes to bring to market in 2016.

Ay dios mío! Motorola launches a faster, pricier version of the Moto G in Mexico

Motorola unveiled the Moto G Turbo Edition, a speedier version of this year's Moto G smartphone. There's no word on whether the Moto G Turbo Edition will leave the confines of Mexico, though it will carry a heavier price tag.

Fallout C.H.A.T. is the emoji keyboard you've been waiting for

In anticipation of Fallout 4, Bethesda has released C.H.A.T., a free emoji keyboard for iOS and Android mobile devices with iconic characters and items from the series, as well as animated GIFs for custom messages.
Product Review

BlackBerry Priv Review

BlackBerry’s back! The Priv is the first reason to consider a BB in years.

Huawei’s all-metal G8 smartphone shows up internationally as the G7 Plus

Huawei launched the G8 in September, and it's a killer in the mid-range market, with an all-metal design, Snapdragon 615 processor, and 3GB of RAM, but it doesn't look like it will be coming to the United States anytime soon.

Google offers a free Nexus 5X to companies who try Android for Work

Google's bring-your-own-device program, Android for Work, is up and running with 19,000 companies, However, Google is hopeful a free Nexus 5X will entice more organizations to try the program out.

Apple patents Touch ID “panic mode” for iPhone

Apple's newest patent details new gestures that iPhone users might be able to implement on the Touch ID sensor, including a panic mode to lock the phone and contact the police, in case of emergency.

This smartphone has a secret. Flip it over, and there’s a second screen on the back 2:26

The Siam 7x has a secret. On the front is a 5-inch screen, but flip it over and you'll find a second, E Ink display for notifications, maps, and ebooks. The phone's on Indiegogo right now, and it even comes with a free upgrade to…

Third-party websites are getting a lot of your personal data from your mobile apps

Here's an alarming statistic -- on average, the most popular iPhone and Android apps are sending your data to three different online services. That's probably three more than you were aware of.

Pebble Time Round, the world’s thinnest and lightest circular smartwatch, is on sale Nov. 8

Pebble's newest smartwatch, the Pebble Time Round, is not only circular, but incredibly thin and light. It's constructed of stainless steel, retains the color e-ink technology of its predecessor, and costs $249.

Google may be working on a Nexus-style chip to power future smartphones

Google is rumored to be considering a move into designing its own smartphone processor. Much like Apple, Google would gain more control over the performance and potential future applications, should it go ahead with the project.