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Lenovo Horizon II 27-Inch

Lenovo’s Horizon 27 2 is back and better, but not quite enough.
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Not worth it at any price: Black Friday ‘deals’ that are definitely duds

There are deals worth going out and getting on Black Friday. These aren't them. Do yourself a favor and leave these products on the shelf, no matter how cheap they are. You'll pay for it later.
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Sony Xperia Z3 Review

Sony makes a stateside splash with the powerful, waterproof Xperia Z3
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Twitter to track your apps to help it deliver a ‘more tailored experience’

Twitter will soon start tracking the apps you have on your mobile device in a move that it says will help it to deliver more relevant content to timelines, though you can opt out if you'd rather not have the service peeking into your…

iPhone 6 denting iPad usage, data shows

Data from read-it-later app Pocket appears to show that iPad owners who upgraded from an iPhone 5/5S to one of Apple's iPhone 6 handsets are ignoring their tablets, with the phones' larger displays apparently meeting users' requirements for…

OnePlus lets you have a say in its Black Friday discounts

OnePlus wants its fans to decide how big of a discount they get on accessories for the unique smartphone. The more you share a product on social media, the bigger the discount you'll get.

Microsoft gifting Windows users with 100 free albums from U2, Kanye West, and others

Users of Windows 8/Windows Phone can access 100 free albums for download from the tech giant, as well as a selection of 50 "box sets" for under $3 each.

RIP iPhone 5C: Apple may discontinue the colorful phone in 2015

Apple will reportedly discontinue the iPhone 5C and 4S in 2015 after promotional campaigns end. The colorful , plastic iPhone will have a shorter life than expected.
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HTC Desire Eye Review

HTC's Desire Eye isn't just the best selfie cam ever, it's a damn fine phone.

Amazon’s Fire Phone is officially one helluva deal at $200 unlocked with 1 year of Prime

Amazon offers a Fire Phone for $200 unlocked from its website. The deal also comes with a one-year Amazon Prime membership. The phone is heavily discounted at AT&T, too.

Sony may step up in smartwatches with a stylish, touchscreen E-Ink model in 2015

Sony hopes to recapture its former glory with new innovations, including an E Ink smartwatch with a unique design. The smartwatch would focus primarily on design, but also feature a unique strap.

Phones with Ubuntu Mobile installed all set to launch in early 2015

Is the first Ubuntu Mobile phone almost here? A new agreement between Chinese smartphone firm Meizu and Canonical says yes, and if everything goes to plan, it'll be out early next year.