Hate reading slowly? Spritz aims to allow people to read 1,000 words per minute

Essentially in Incognito Mode for three years, Spritz surfaced to show off its reading software that will enable people to read at 1,000 words per minute. It's all about the Optimal Recognition Point.

Blippar’s Google Glass app makes objects interactive in real time

Augmented reality still mostly seems like a gimmick, but Blippar believes it can change that with its Google Glass app, Blippar Glass. The app is the first functioning image recognition and tracking technology for Google Glass.

Breather to offer private, quiet spaces for rent in New York City, San Francisco next

Can't get any peace or quiet in your day? Breather has some rooms reserved just for you. It's offering quiet work spaces for rent in New York City, for $25 an hour. Rooms can be reserved via an iOS app or the Web.
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One Llama is an app that listens for danger when you can’t

One Llama is developing a technology that learns and remembers dangerous sounds. The tech will get a trial run of sorts upon its inclusion within the One Llama app, which senses nearby danger-signifying noises, such as squealing tires, and…

BlackBerry PlayBook sequel a possibility, a very far-off possibility

While the BlackBerry PlayBook didn't sell gangbusters, BlackBerry VP Francois Mahieu admitted that the company would consider making a successor. However, it is not something that will happen anytime soon.

Samsung Galaxy S6 to run Android, Nexus 6 to launch no earlier than June, says Google

Google Senior Vice President Sundar Pichai to the stage at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to talk about the Galaxy S6, Nexus 6, Android malware, and more. Read on to learn more.

5 of our favorite gadgets and technologies from Mobile World Congress 2014

Mobile World Congress may be ending, but the amazing gadgets we saw there will be coming out later this year. Get a glimpse at the best of what's to come with our five favorite smartphones, tablets, and technologies on display at MWC this…

Apple to open new Dayton, Ohio store later on this year

Apple will be opening a brand new store in Dayton, Ohio later this year. Read on to learn more about Cupertino's upcoming retail space here.

As Samsung unpacked the Galaxy S5, HTC trash talked on Twitter

While Samsung was busy unpacking its brand new, shiny Galaxy S5, HTC took to Twitter to start dissing the major smartphone maker. Along with some gloating and highlights of a new HTC device, it seems like someone is trying to start a…
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Boeing Black: A tamper-proof handset for secure communications

The security-oriented Boeing Black smartphone is back in the news, with the company hoping the handset will prove popular with government agencies dealing with highly sensitive information when it eventually hits the market.
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New smartphone app aims to make ‘distracted walking’ accidents a thing of the past

With the smartphone market continuing to expand, 'distracted walking' accidents are on the rise. In a bid to reduce the number of such incidents, New York-based One Llama has created an app with an 'artificial ear' to warn users of nearby…