Angry Birds developer Rovio has clipped wings, as profits continue to decline

Angry Birds developer Rovio reported a 73 percent decrease in operating profits from 2013, down to just $10.8 million for all of 2014. This sharp drop was blamed on a decline in licensing revenue.

Uber-mania continues as there are now more Uber drivers in New York City than yellow taxis

The Taxi and Limousine Commission announced there are more Uber cars registered in New York City than there are yellow taxis. However, this statistic does carry a huge asterisk. Read on to learn what it is.

Listen up! Now you can livestream Internet radio shows on your blog using TuneIn

Online radio service TuneIn has just launched a new feature that lets broadcasters, website owners, and bloggers embed a live radio player into their sites, a move that'll likely take the service beyond its already massive user base.

Gucci and free you from your phone with this flashy new smartband

Musician and tech entrepreneur has teamed up with Gucci Timepieces to make a smartband, which will apparently see fashion and high-tech wearables converge in one, standalone device.

Forget flagship phones, Microsoft’s back with the $70 Lumia 430

Microsoft's racing to the bottom with the Lumia range, and has announced the Lumia 430, a $70 smartphone with a surprisingly decent specification, making us wonder why it bothered to launch its sister phones at all.

Uber’s European woes continue as service gets banned in Germany (again)

Uber is having a tough time of it in Europe. In the past couple of weeks alone it's dealt with reported attacks on its drivers in Amsterdam, a raid on its offices by armed cops in Paris, and a countrywide ban on its service in Germany.
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Vine tweaks its iOS app for faster videos, and adds an offline viewing mode

Vine this week rolled out a few enhancements for iOS users of its video-loop app. Besides a speed bump to make the app start up faster, users can also watch Vines offline, making it good to use any time, anywhere.
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

The iPhone meets its metal match in Samsung's shimmering Galaxy S6

The Swiss Army Knife of phone tools, PK’s K’isauve is a battery, SSD, cable in one

The PK K'isuave is a handy gadget that can charge up your smartphone and provide extra storage which you can access at lightning speeds thanks to the USB 3.1 support. It's waterproof and rugged too.

Tim Cook speaks at length about Steve Jobs and how Apple has moved on

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke with Fast Company about Steve Jobs, his legacy, and the Apple Watch. Cook reflected on Jobs' mindset and how he made Apple what it is, and what it will be in the future.

Digit lets you put saving on autopilot, return to a pile of cash

: What if you started saving a few pennies a day that you would never miss, and they added up to something substantial? It’s not the plot of Office Space, it’s the concept behind Digit.

Who needs interns? Starbucks tests coffee delivery in Seattle and NYC

It's finally happening: Starbucks will test delivery in the Empire State Building and Seattle sometime during the second half of this year. You might soon get your latte without entering Starbucks in the morning.