‘Pokémon Go’ just became even harder to play while driving

Niantic's latest update for 'Pokémon Go' suggests there are still plenty of people out there playing the game while behind the wheel. Trouble is, anyone else in the car – or even on a train or bus – is also affected by the change.

Uber for farmers: A tractor-hailing app has just launched in India

We've seen the Uber for private jets, the Uber for driveway snow removal, and even the Uber for trash collection. Now, in India, there's an Uber for farmers that lets them hail tractors for their work as and when required.

Apple could gain 5-7 million users due to Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, analyst says

While Samsung is going through one of its mobile divisions biggest failures, Apple could seriously benefit, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He suggests that as many as 5 million to 7 million people could switch to the iPhone.

Finding the right fitness tracker is no sweat with our dead-simple guide

Looking for your first fitness tracker, or an upgrade to the one you're already wearing? There are plenty of the wrist-worn gadgets available, so here's our pick of the best ones available right now.
Cool Tech

I ate a pizza made by a robot in the back of a truck, and it was delicious

Zume Pizza is the latest Silicon Valley startup to be making headlines, largely because of the way that it automates the pizza-making process. We took a tour of the company's facility to find out just how automated the process really is.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 could finally launch at the beginning of 2017, report says

According to a recent report, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will finally launch at the start of 2017 -- months after it was originally rumored to launch. Unfortunately, it remains to be seen what kind of specs the new tablet has.
Virtual Reality

HTC launches virtual reality-focused Viveport M storefront for Android

Hardware manufacturer HTC launched a beta version of Viveport M, an Android-compatible client for its virtual reality storefront that gives mobile users quick and easy access to its library of VR apps.

Apple just released a fix to a Verizon iPhone 7 connectivity issue

Verizon users of the iPhone 7 have been noticing a few connectivity issues with their devices, causing their phones to randomly lose service. Apple has now released a fix to the problem.

These are the 35 tips and tricks you need to master the Galaxy S7

If Samsung’s latest flagship has sailed into your hand, then you might be interested in some useful Galaxy S7 tips and tricks to help you unveil its many abilities. Get more from your phone with this handy guide.

Twelve iPhone 7 problems and the solutions you need

Getting a new iPhone should be a pleasurable experience, but if you run into an issue, it can quickly be frustrating. Thankfully, we’ve gathered a slew of the most common iPhone 7 problems, along with some potential workarounds and fixes.

Apple is betting on Japan to fix Siri and get serious on artificial intelligence

Apple is once again looking to Asia to turbocharge its research and development process, this time to improve its artificial intelligence efforts. But will it be enough to make Siri less "dumb?"

Your newest travel agent: Google Flights lets you know when airfare will spike

Google Flights gained an incredibly useful feature: the ability to notify you of potential airfare hikes. That is in addition to the Deals filter for hotel listings, both of which launched on Monday.