Prepare for Puppy Bowl XII by ordering a puppy squad via Uber

Uber is offering its one-day Puppy on Demand service again this year, ahead of the upcoming Puppy Bowl XII. Use the Uber app to request a "puppy squad" to your location for $30, and you'll get 15 minutes of playtime.

Assassin’s Creed Identity hits iOS this month 1:04

Assassin's Creed Identity, a mobile game originally "soft launched" in Australia and New Zealand in 2014, is finally reaching a wider audience. The game launches on February 25 for iOS.

Can a Surface Phone save Windows 10 Mobile?

With upcoming ARM64 and x86 support on Windows 10 Mobile confirmed in a Microsoft job posting, it's only natural to begin speculating the existence, and moreover, the marketplace viability of a Surface Phone.

Want a new iPad? Apple's iPad Air 3 may arrive on March 15

Apple might be planning an unveiling and launch on March 15 for the iPad Air 3, but what new features can we expect from the 9.7-inch tablet after the launch of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro? Here are all the specs, price, and launch date rumors.

You may get your first glimpse of Apple's 4-inch iPhone 5SE on March 15 2:47

The iPhone 5SE may see its debut on March 15, next to the iPad Air 3, and Apple Watch band updates. The 4-inch smartphone may have lesser specs at a more affordable price, while swapping out plastic for a metal build.

Samsung's Gear 360 VR camera may spin onto the stage with the Galaxy S7 on February 21

Samsung appears ready to capitalize on the success of the Gear VR by offering a virtual reality 360-degree camera. According to a trademark filing, it could be called the Gear 360. Here's what we know so far.
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Instagram debuts first-ever scripted series, to be broadcast daily in 28 episodes

Instagram has posted the first episode of its first-ever original series. Shield 5 is 28-part gritty thriller that will be broadcast throughout February, each comprised of a 15-second video clip and corresponding image.

T-Mobile gets you a free smartphone (sort of) if you join one of its prepaid plans

T-Mobile kicks off a new promotion that nets new customers a free smartphone if they sign up for a prepaid plan. Only select, low-end phones are included in the deal, and users have to buy it first before T-Mobile sends them a rebate for…

How to clear space and speed up your Android phone with the Clean Master app 0:52

Have you downloaded the Clean Master app, or purchased a phone with it pre-installed? It's a UI nightmare, and it's hard to separate the features from the ads. If you want to actually use it, you'll want to read our complete…

Gmail joins the billion users club

Google announced Monday that Gmail now has a billion monthly active users. Launched 12 years ago, the online tool has for a while been the world's most popular Web-based email service, beating out rivals such as Hotmail (now…
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WhatsApp marches on, now has 1 billion monthly users

WhatsApp has finally reached the billion-user milestone. While the Facebook-owned messaging app doesn't generate any revenue, recently revealed plans suggest that could change by developing features within the app that help businesses…

Google parent Alphabet posts record-crushing fourth-quarter 2015 earnings

The final quarter of 2015 saw record revenue for Alphabet, the parent company of Google. And based on market capitalization, Alphabet has now surpassed Apple as the most valuable company on the planet.