Illinois law enforcement prohibited from using stingrays without a warrant

The use of cell tower simulators called "stingrays" by police will require an application to the court under a new Illinois law effective January 1, 2017. Any data obtained from non-targeted individuals in the area must be deleted…

Samsung's looking to increase wireless chargers' workload, patents show

Samsung's patents for a wireless charger, filed in January 2016, show a tall device that can charge your phone and wearable at the same time. It's unclear when we could see this device hitting the market.

Western Digital and Toshiba stack ’em tall with latest 3D NAND storage breakthrough

Western Digital announced that development of its next-generation BiCS3 3D NAND technology is complete, packing 64 layers of vertical storage capacity. The tech is now in production and expected to initially become available later this…

Apple Pencil concept could let you use a stylus to control your Mac in lieu of a mouse

Apple filed a patent that describes an Apple Pencil compatible with Mac trackpads. It would also support "air" gestures, and could theoretically be used as a game controller or mouse replacement.
Product Review

Mobvoi Ticwatch 2 Review

Ticwatch 2 is a sensational smartwatch, and a giant gamble.

iPhone sales plummeted, but Apple Music saved the day

Apple's earnings report for the third fiscal quarter is in, and we take a look at the numbers. Sales of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac are down across the board from this time last year, but revenue from services is up.

Gionee believes its M6 and M6 Plus are the most secure phones around

Gionee unveiled the M6 and M6 Plus, its latest flagships that promise to encrypt all of your data using a dedicated data encryption chip. The chip's practical uses are unknown, though both phones feature impressive internals.

Beyond booking: How next-gen travel apps do more than your desktop ever could

Travel apps are moving from simply duplicating the desktop experience, to becoming virtual travel assistants that offer services and suggestions tailored to your exact needs. Here’s a look at how these apps are advancing.

Looking for a place to stay on vacation? App lets you swap homes with others

For all those times that you've wanted a change of scenery, you can now get one in a pretty major way -- by swapping houses. Meet Love Home Swap, a home-swapping app that promises to "change the game in the alternative travel sector"

People are switching to Sprint, but the company is still losing money

Sprint has revealed its financials for the past quarter and has seen the largest jump in post-paid subscriber growth in the company's history. Sadly, it was still hit with a financial loss of $302 million.
Virtual Reality

Can’t be at the DNC? Watch it in 360-degree virtual reality instead

Wish you could experience the Democratic National Convention in person? Well, now you can be part of the action, sorta. It's all thanks to Digital Domain and its curated live-stream of the 2016 DNC in 360-degree virtual reality.

Newly discovered ‘key sniffing’ hack could compromise keyboards from up to 250 feet away

Security firm Bastille has uncovered a group of vulnerabilities discovered with wireless keyboards it calls KeySniffer, allowing hackers to grab keystrokes.