Samsung’s cute $350 Gear 360 VR camera is now available for purchase

Looking for an affordable 360-degree camera that can record 4K video? Samsung's Gear 360 has been a while coming, but it's finally available for purchase at $350. The 360-degree camera launches alongside the new Gear VR and Samsung's Galaxy…

Immerse yourself with Samsung's new Gear VR, now available at $100

In addition to purchasing Samsung's new Note 7 smartphone, you can also grab the new Gear VR headset, It's a slight improvement over last year's model, and it's available for $100 now.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is now available in stores and online

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is finally here, and the 5.7-inch phablet builds on the design themes of the Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung says Android 7.0 Nougat will come two to three months after its release.

Motorola is mad at Samsung for stealing its always-on screen idea

Motorola has taken to Twitter to voice its annoyance over the continued adoption of always-on screen displays by rival companies. However, it not-so cryptically singled out one particular rival in its message.

Google unveils a series of new updates to improve Google Street View

Google has unveiled a myriad of updates on its Developers Blog, all with the goal of making Street View, you know, less bad. These updates allow for a much more realistic sense of your surroundings when you explore a new destination.
Virtual Reality

Harry who? Turn wizards to dust in Wands, an awesome online shooter for Samsung’s Gear VR

If you want your wizards heavily armed and out for blood, you'll like Wands, an awesome online shooter for the Gear VR, that also has an unusual spectator mode where your friends can cheer your victories, or laugh at your…

U.S. government to ditch the domain-name business on October 1

The U.S. government says it is satisfied with the progress ICANN has made to prepare to take over control of domain names, and will cede control this fall as previously agreed. The handover is set for October 1.
Social Media

Twitter has suspended another 235,000 accounts for terror-related activity

After years of criticism accusing the company of doing too little, Twitter is now hard at work tracking down and closing accounts on its platform that promote extremism and terror. In the last six months alone, it said it's suspended…

Rumors of a dual camera prove false as Huawei launches the G9 Plus

Huawei has quietly taken the wraps off of the G9 Plus, a successor to the G9 Lite. The device is available in China, and features a Snapdragon 625 and 16MP rear-facing camera.
Product Review

Turing Phone Dark Wyvern Review

The Turing Phone is the world's most secure phone ... and also one of the worst.

We have the first leaked Redmi 4 images, and it sure looks like a Xiaomi phone

Xiaomi is already hard at work on its next Redmi phone, the Redmi 4, which will be the successor to the Redmi 3. Here's everything we know about the new budget-friendly device so far.

Leaked images of purported Huawei Mate 9 smartphone show dual-camera setup

Huawei is hard at work at the next addition to the Mate lineup, the Mate 9. From leaks about the phone's design to leaks about the device's specs, here's everything we know about the phone so far.