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Popsicase turns your iPhone 6 into a popsicle (just make sure not to lick it)

The HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 are sure to be the highlights of the 2015 Mobile World Congress, but let’s not count out the smaller players that are aiming to make at least some sort of splash. Case in point: Popsicase, a rather unique sleeve from the folks at Atunrojo.

The Popsicase isn’t just a protective case for your iPhone 6, but rather a protective case with a foldaway handle tucked in the back. Imagine a popsicle, but instead of the cold, sweet deliciousness that is ice cream, you have your iPhone 6. Now you see why it’s called the Popsicase.

With that foldaway handle, you can have an easier time taking selfies, recording video, or just better handling the iPhone 6. The Popsicase will come in eight colors, but there is a separate limited collection called Hola from Barcelona (Hello from Barcelona), since the Popsicase is manufactured in Barcelona, Spain. For this collection, Atunrojo teamed up with La Casa de Carlota (Carlota’s House), a design studio whose creative team is made up of design students and the disabled, such as those with Down syndrome and autism.

In order to make the Popsicase a reality, Atunrojo is turning to Kickstarter. Pledging at least $25 will net you the Popsicase in any available color, as well as a handpainted, handwritten postcard from La Casa de Carlota. Atunrojo needs at least $25,000 in pledges to move forward, after which Kickstarter backers will receive the Popsicase sometime in May.

As of this writing, the campaign garnered $2,700 from 43 backers with 30 days to go.