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This portable device battery is waterproof and as tough as military equipment

Waterproof smartphones are cool and all, but every gadget meets its match when the battery is dead and you’re miles away from the nearest outlet. If you’re out in the rough or near water, then carrying a fragile external battery is risky. Poseidon is a new rugged external battery designed to survive those tough environments.

Poseidon is, as far as we know, the first IP68, MIL-spec external battery out there. What this means is that the external battery is designed to be just as rugged as a Panasonic Toughbook, and waterproof. The unit can survive up to four minutes of submersion, as well as any drops or tumbles that any other external battery would likely shatter into pieces. In fact, the Poseidon even survived being blasted by a shotgun 35 feet away.

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Dark Energy, the team that designed Poseidon, advertises it as a great choice for GoPro users, as it can go pretty much anywhere you’d take your GoPro. The Poseidon’s metal casing is designed to maximize your grip on it, but also makes us wonder what would happen if the Poseidon’s battery overheated – which usually causes devices like smartphones to explode.

If you’re interested, you can check out the Poseidon portable external battery on Kickstarter. At $89, it’s about four time what you’d pay for a waterproof external battery, but would probably last a lot longer¬†(as long as the battery doesn’t fail). The folks behind it hope to deliver the product this summer in time for your beach and fishing trips.