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RIM Blackberry 7100T

RIM Blackberry 7100T

Photos Courtesy of RIM

Research in Motion (RIM) has unveiled a new Blackberry phone, and it?s got people talking.  Available through TMobile, the new Blackberry 7100 messaging phone is packed with features in a slimmer, attractive packaging sporting a large color screen and priced to sell at an outstanding $199 price tag.

RIM Blackberry 7100T In Hand thumbnailBlackberry phones are known for allowing a user to access their email straight from their phone, with the ability to compose emails quickly using the built in keyboard.  Previous versions were somewhat clunky, large and bland with a screen that used two colors.  That has changed with the Blackberry 7100.  The phone is much smaller then it?s predecessors, measuring in at 4.7 inches long, 2.3 inches wide and 0.7 inches thick.  The sleek design is complimented by its weight, weighing in at 4.3 ounces.

Standard features include a support for up to 10 different email accounts, built-in speaker phone, Bluetooth, support for quad-band frequencies, SMS, instant messaging, calendaring, web browsing, and a battery that can handle 4 hours talk time or 8 hours stand by.

The Blackberry has some unique features.  It supports a technology called ?Push?.  ?Push? allows the phone to automatically and seamlessly download your email to the 7100.  Once an email arrives in your inbox, the message is ?pushed? to the 7100 without having to respond to a prompt or a need to download.

SureType? allows the phone to offer suggestions for words when typing on the 7100?s uniquely designed but functional QWERTY keyboard, simplifying the typing process.

The newly designed Blackberry 7100 looks extremely promising for people on the go who need instant access to their email, calendar, and other messaging needs while looking fashionable and remaining functional.