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Samsung DeX Station pre-orders will be delivered along with the Galaxy S8

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Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends
Why it matters to you

If you planned on buying a Galaxy S8 smartphone, you can turn it into a desktop PC too with just a few accessories.

If you plan on ordering yourself one of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ smartphones and fancy some accessories with it, they should arrive on the same day as the smartphone. That goes for the Samsung DeX Station too, which is now available for pre-order and will set you back $150.

The Samsung ‘Docking Experience’ DeX puck is a small hub device which lets you use your new S8 smartphone like a micro-PC, running it to a monitor with full mouse and keyboard support. We had a quick look at it last month and our early impressions were strong. Performance is snappy and the setup is easy, though we did note that it could use more app support. That may come post release though.

The little device packs a pair of USB 2.0 Type-A ports for connectivity, as well as a USB Type-C port for charging purposes. It can also connect up to your local network over Ethernet connection and to your TV or monitor over HDMI.

If you like the sound of it though, and have a Galaxy S8 winging its way to you toward the end of this month, you can now pre-order the DeX for $150.

But you won’t want to stop there. If you do plan to turn your new smartphone into a PC, you’ll need some accessories for full functionality. If you don’t have a PC already, you’ll need a keyboard and mouse and ideally, you’ll want a new monitor, too. Fortunately we have a handy guide to some of the best peripherals you can pick up to make your new Galaxy S8 ‘docking experience” as fluid as possible.

Amazon also has a handy list of additional extras you can buy with your S8, from cases to fast chargers.