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Samsung SGH-P400 Mobile Phone Review

Quote from the review at HardwareZone:

“The idea of a rotating camera surely must have been very well received by consumers for it to make a comeback appearance in the P400. After all, only a rotating camera allows you the flexibility to snap pictures while maintaining total control throughout the procedure (try taking a self-portrait on a candy-bar form factor camera phone and you’ll know what we mean). Since this is a newer model, surely there must be something innovative about it right? Indeed there are some points to talk about. The P400 is the first mobile phone from Samsung to have a swivelling top flip. This addition helps to eliminate some of the angular problems (blind-spots) faced by the V200 when we reviewed the phone back in July last year. The phone also has Java support for which the V200 has none. For modern MMS phones nowadays, Java support is a must-have technology