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Google has a new, free app to help you do science with your smartphone

Love science? Then you’ll really love Google’s new app. The tech giant is hoping to bring out the curiosity in each of us with Science Journal, an app that measures and records data in real time, and then turns all that input into consumer-friendly graphs and charts. Just think of it as everything you wish your high school science classes could’ve been.


Experimental enthusiasts can keep several projects running in the app, and with tools like an accelerometer, a light and sound meter, and a microphone (all the sensors already present in your Android device). There’s really no end in sight to the types of projects you could explore. But just in case you need a little bit of inspiration to get started, Google has an entire guide of activities you could try with your new app.


Google notes that the current functionality of the app is still a bit limited (after all, it is meant for younger scientists, around 10 years old), but the company says that it’s actively trying to improve the app by working with older, more established scientists in the field. And later in the summer, the company is also planning on open sourcing the app.

Still, the new app certainly appears to help budding scientists keep track of their projects, with the option of adding photos and notes, or even setting reminders for next steps. And of course, if you’re really looking to take your scientific adventures to the next level, Google is also selling “hands-on learning kits” as an add-on to Science Journal. This kit contains things like external sensors, microcontrollers, and other supplies that could aid in kids’ experimentation.

Thus far, the public seems pretty impressed with the free (it doesn’t cost a dime for you to explore your love of science) app, with an average rating on the Google Play Store of 4.6. So if you’re looking for a “tool for doing science with your smartphone,” look no further — Science Journal is here.