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Want a Surface Pro 3? Here’s how to get $200 off

Even though Microsoft never really set the world on fire with its Surface range of hardware, the Pro 3 reviewed pretty well at most outlets and almost a year on from its release, it’s still a desirable tablet/laptop combination. And that’s why the price still isn’t modest. Now, however, there is a way to get a big discount on one. Best Buy is offering a minimum trade-in value of $200 for your old tablet if you use that credit to buy a Surface Pro 3.

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If we were in a speculative frame of mind, we’d suggest that this is Best Buy’s way of clearing old stock to make way for a replacement Surface product coming perhaps some time this summer to accompany the the launch of Windows 10. Still, that doesn’t make this deal any less impressive.

All a U.S. customer has to do is take in any tablet in working condition and Best Buy will give you at least a $50 store gift card (possibly more, depending on model and condition) as well as a $150 coupon that can only be used when buying a Surface Pro 3, as per Best Buy (via WinBeta).

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That $200 in value equates to a quarter off of the price tag of the cheapest Surface Pro 3, bringing it down to a much more affordable $600. However, if you want something a bit heftier than an i3 with 64GB of storage, you’ll need to raise your contribution to $800 — after the $200 discount — for the i5 model.

And if you want to go whole hog and pick up the much better-equipped Core i7, 512GB storage iteration, the discount from the trade-in will only amount to about 10 percent off, but that’s still likely better than what you would have gotten otherwise.

That said, don’t let Best Buy do the math for you. It’s worth checking the trade-in value for whatever hardware you’re considering handing over first, as you may be able to get more for it by ignoring this deal altogether.