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SwiftKey fixes bugs, adds new themes, and puts others on sale

SwiftKey issued a key update on Tuesday with many bug fixes, new themes, and a sale on many popular keyboard themes. After the last update, some users reported serious lags and other issues while using SwiftKey’s keyboard on their smartphones and tablets. SwiftKey says all those issues should be fixed now, but if the keyboard continues to have a delayed reaction, more fixes will be issued in the near future.

In a blog post, SwiftKey highlighted the main improvements it introduced in the latest version of the popular Android keyboard app:

  • Improved typing performance
  • Improved some translations
  • Improved keyboard loading time
  • Improved Flow performance
  • Fix for the bottom row being hidden in some devices
  • Fixed Yahoo! personalization
  • Fixed background disappearing issue in some themes
  • Fixed some other force closes and crashes

The fixes may work better on some apps than others, but most users should notice a difference in the load time for the keyboard. The company said that it will also add a few more languages, including Kyrgyz, Tajik, and Turkmen. In addition, emoji prediction is now availavle for Arabic, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Polish, and Russian users.

SwiftKey introduced new themes such as Spotlight Purple, Edge Green, Pulse Yellow, Pulse Pink, and Hazy Pink to its current offerings. The company kicked off its summer sale, too with an offer of up to 33 percent off key theme packs.

You can download the update on the Google Play Store and check out which themes are discounted by pressing and holding the 123 key down.