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This T-Mobile ad is what happens when massive attention-seekers get together

T-Mobile just wants your attention. Yes, it has some great offers, and it has worked hard to force U.S. mobile providers to change their ways, but it usually promotes all this using the same level of razzmatazz reserved for circuses. The circus master is CEO John Legere, who is rarely seen without his pink t-shirt emblazoned with the T-Mobile logo, swears like a naughty schoolboy when he shouldn’t, and is known for taking some ridiculous selfies.

Similarly, Kim Kardashian just wants your attention. While she doesn’t have great offers, and has done absolutely nothing to change the mobile industry; there is a certain carnival atmosphere about her, plus she is also known for taking an endless stream of ridiculous selfies. A partnership between these two gargantuan, media-hungry exhibitionists was inevitable.

The result is a commercial for T-Mobile’s DataStash program, where data left unused on your contract each month is rolled over into the next. It’s a good deal. The ad is a parody of those “save the children/dogs/environment” campaigns, with Kim Kardashian telling us all the data we “save” each month can be used to see more of her selfies. It’s vaguely amusing, although swapping Kim for John Legere would have made me laugh more, but the ad probably wouldn’t have quite the same wide-reaching appeal.

The resulting collision of self-absorption that is T-Mobile and Kim Kardashian isn’t as bad as when the Keymaster and the Gatekeeper got together, but it’s hardly Amy Poehler and Tiny Fey either. Plus, it’s only the beginning for K-Mobile, and a YouTube comment from the network says there is more to come in the near future. That’s something to look forward to, right?