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T-Mobile to reveal the next stage of its Uncarrier battle plan on June 18

T-Mobile will hold another of its Uncarrier events in June, ready to reveal a new way to differentiate itself from the competition. This will be the fifth such announcement in T-Mobile’s battle plan, and will follow promotions including the Jump! upgrade plan, the end of traditional contracts, and the kind offer to pay any outstanding early termination fees if you decide to switch to the network.

What’s the deal this time? T-Mobile is keeping relatively quiet, but the invitation says “We don’t play it safe and sound,” which could be interpreted several ways. The first possibility is it’s a reference to phone security, a current hot topic thanks to various bills passing to introduce so-called kill switches for smartphones. Perhaps T-Mobile will offer free, or reduced rate, insurance, or a security system of its own? 

The second possibility is it’s a music deal. Sprint has recently revealed a tempting cut-price Spotify offer, while AT&T collaborates with Beats Music. T-Mobile has cooperated with Deezer in the past, but not in the U.S., where similar promotions are clearly deemed to be popular with customers. There’s also the chance it’s more about the recently confirmed introduction of HD Voice, or even a combination of both a security and an audio promotion.

We’re speculating in the absence of any actual facts. Even the normally outspoken CEO John Legere is staying silent on what it has planned for the day, tweeting only that the event will be held on June 18 in Los Angeles. One thing seems certain, T-Mobile’s Uncarrier plans have usually changed an aspect of the mobile industry which frustrates customers, so we should expect some good news.