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The good old days of Macintosh are now relived through iPhone cases

Schreer Delights Retro iPhone Cases

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It seems ironic that with Apple continuously designing a sleeker, minimalistic and contemporary look to their products, the crowd only wants more from the good ol’ days of bulky iMacs and first-generation iPods. Now, you can combine the look of these older technology with the functionality of an iPhone 4 with Schreer Delights’ retro line of iPhone cases.


Revisiting the history of Apple’s industrial product design, these iPhone hard cases come in your choice of the original Macintosh, complete with faux vent grooves, SCSI port, ADB printer and modem ports slots, or the colorful iMacs in all five of its original, translucent colors. The iMacs covers has the details down to a tee, cramming the iMac speaker, stereo headphone plugs and power button all within the space parameter of a standard iPhone. Another case is the Power Mac 4G Graphite tower, which appears well suited to this slimmer look and its signature drive slot and reset buttons. (One of the first times I tried using an Apple computer was on a green iMac in elementary school, and I certainly didn’t imagine those things to ever fit in my pocket.) These cases truly signifies the Apple’s journey and how it has come a long way since struggling to compete against Windows roughly a decade ago. It also does a fantastic job of capturing the youthful essence of the iMac and Power Mac, as they were the first computers to ever look so hip and polished.

Of course, one of the innovations that separated Apple from the pack was its venture into a mobile consumer market. The icon of that success can be found in this cool first-generation iPod case with an accelerometer click wheel, way before everything was seamlessly touch-based. Remember those days? The fake screen playfully hovers over a menu item for “Phone,” adding a kitschy feel to the whole concept. However, the case maintains a rather authentic aesthetic, especially since the original iPod was approximately the same size as today’s iPhones. For that reason, the case is a surefire way to give passerbys a good head scratch when they see someone talking into an iPod.

iMacs all colors casesOutside of vintage Apple-themed cases, Schreer Delights also offer other pieces of the past including the original Game Boy, looking smaller and thinner than its successors ever were. The graphics on these cases are printed deep in the plastic and are ready to withstand any possible damage without diminishing the quality of these images.

Consider yourself sold? You can purchase these retro accessories through the Schreer Delights official site at $45 a pop plus shipping. And you should get on ordering these soon, as we can’t predict when Apple will catch wind of this and get the obvious licensing issues under control.