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TI chip to be used in new HP iPaq’s

Texas Instruments Incorporated announced today that HP´s new iPAQ Pocket PC h4150 and iPAQ h4350 include TI´s 802.11 wireless LAN (WLAN) technology, single-chip Bluetooth and Bluetooth/WLANcoexistence package for wireless data connectivity. Leveraging TI´s wireless communications expertise, the new iPAQs enable consumers to simultaneously utilize the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi® features oftheir PDA without sacrificing battery-life, size or cost. Users can synch-up to their laptop using Bluetooth while they are surfing the Internet with WLAN without interference issues since bothtechnologies operate in the 2.4GHz band.

The new iPAQs will use TI´s BRF6100 single-chip Bluetooth solution developed in digital RF CMOS technology and its TNETW1100B mobile 802.11b platform, which utilizes TI´sELPTM technology providing ultra low power operation for wireless networking. For portable, battery-powered devices like PDAs, TI has focused on providing low power solutions for802.11 and Bluetooth to offer long-lasting wireless connectivity and maximum battery-life for consumers´ portable devices. 

“Convergence of wireless networking technologies is one of TI’s strategic initiatives as we strive to deliver data connectivity over any network to consumers and business users. HP’s new Pocket PCiPAQs are the first PDAs to utilize TI’s Bluetooth/WLAN coexistence package and they deliver on the promise of seamless wireless connectivity across multiple networks,” said Marc Cetto, generalmanager of TI’s Wireless Networking Business Unit.

TI’s Bluetooth/WLAN coexistence package is the only solution that provides manufacturers with low power and a small footprint for the complete Bluetooth/WLAN device. It has no antennae isolationrequirement, which enables the co-location of both solutions in portable devices. This is critical for mobile devices such as PDAs because the co-location of the radios is unavoidable.

“Delivering both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity maximizes the mobility and productivity of our handheld customers,” said Rick Roesler, director of handheld product marketing at HP. “TI’s leadershipin size and power management has enabled HP to deliver these benefits in a handheld that is sleek and cost-effective and that maximizes battery life.”