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Insane lines! Check out our iOS 8 TimeLapse video of the iPhone 6 line in New York

We shot a Timelapse video of the line for the iPhone 6 in front of a New York City Apple store with the iPhone 5.


How to root your Android phone or tablet

Are you wondering whether to root your Android smartphone? Perhaps you’ve decided to do it and you just need to know how? You’ll find an explanation and a quick guide to Android rooting right here.


LG G3 vs. HTC One M8: Which Android flag should iPhone haters fly?

If you’re an Android user who’s just not into Samsung’s smartphones, LG’s G3 and HTC’s One M8 are probably your top two alternatives when it comes to choosing a high-end smartphone. HTC’s flagship has all the good looks and…


Did you know? On its first day, iOS 8 accounted for 20 percent of all Internet video traffic

Apple dominated Internet traffic with the iOS 8 software update. The new version is the largest iOS update ever in terms of file size, which may account for the high volume of traffic.


Sony steps up development of the SmartEyeGlass, ready to compete with Google

Sony has released the software development kit for its SmartEyeGlass project. Designed to take on Google Glass, the smart specs are still a prototype, but the first models should be sold to developers early next year.


All the thrills (and spills) from the iPhone 6 launch day (updated)

Apple's new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus go on sale in selected countries around the world today, and as we've come to expect, queues have formed outside any store selling the new hardware. Here's how the launch progressed during the day.


Starting with iOS 8, Apple will no longer decrypt iPhones for law enforcement

Apple won't be able to decrypt personal data for police starting with iOS 8. A new encryption method prevents the company from accessing any account data, freeing the company from having to respond to government information requests.


Tizen’s return rumored for November, ready to do battle with Android One

A Samsung representative has unofficially stated a new Tizen-based smartphone will launch in India this November. The phone could end up being in direct competition with the new Android One phones, provided it actually makes it on sale


Verizon Droid Turbo reportedly set for October unveiling, brings fast charging with it

According to a report, Verizon will unveil the Droid Turbo next month. No word on when the handset will be released, though specifications point to a beefy smartphone with a ridiculous screen pixel density.


Amazon Family Library vs. Apple Family Sharing: An in-depth comparison

Amazon's Family Library and Apple's Family Sharing both provide tools for automatically sharing content with multiple family members on the fly. However, how do the two services stack up against one another. Check out our side-by-side comparison to find out.


Leave your iPhone at home when you run; Apple Watch will play music without it

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Tim Cook revealed that the Apple Watch will play music over Bluetooth without the need for a tethered iPhone.

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