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The USB ChargeDoubler brings fast and secure charging to the table

USB charging cables aren’t exactly the most exciting topics for discussion, seeing how they are practically universal. Even so, this could be to a company’s benefit, since trying something different could make people pause and look. Enter the USB ChargeDoubler, which tries to do exactly that.

In terms of design, we have a 2.75-inch Micro USB or Lightning cable that is meant to be with you at all times. Available through its ongoing Indiegogo campaign, the USB ChargeDoubler is available in light blue, orange, lime green, pink, and grey. You can fold the cable into a teardrop, thanks to the built-in magnets, further emphasizing mobility.

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Of course, as hinted at by its name, the real purpose of the USB ChargeDoubler is to accelerate charging by up to 200 percent. In other words, by using the cable, your phone could charge up to twice as fast as the USB cable that comes bundled with your phone.

That fast charging capability is complimented by its Data-Protected Charging (DPC) capabilities. This would theoretically prevent data hacking or viruses from being loaded onto your charging device while connected to either a public network or an unknown USB socket.

If this sounds all fun and dandy to you, as previously mentioned, the USB ChargeDoubler is currently up on Indiegogo with the option for either a Micro USB or Lightning cable. A minimum $12 pledge will net you either version of the cable, with the cable landing in contributors’ hands sometime this August. Of course, that will be the case if it meets its $14,000 goal in the next 52 days.