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Verizon debuts ALLSET prepaid plans starting at $45 a month

In an effort to compete with other prepaid options out there, Verizon Wireless has rebranded its prepaid offerings under a new name, ALLSET PLAN. (No, we didn’t accidentally hit caps lock – that’s how Verizon writes it.)

For $45, ALLSET smartphone users will get unlimited talk, text, and 500MB of data. By itself, the amount of data isn’t much to talk about, but Verizon coupled its ALLSET plan with what it calls BRIDGE DATA (again with the caps lock thing). The $45 is required for the unlimited talk, text, and the base data allowance; however, you can choose to add more data. For $5 more a month, you can have an additional 500MB, while $10 and $20 will get you an additional 1GB and 3GB of data, respectively.

The 500MB add-on expires 30 days after the base-line 500MB are depleted, while the 1GB and 3GB add-ons expire in 90 days.

Feature phone owners will pay $35 a month under the new plan, though instead of unlimited talk on the smartphone plan, the feature phone plan only includes 500 voice minutes. Both plans will have access to 1,000 free voice minutes to Canada and Mexico until June 30.

Unfortunately – and this could be a huge deal-breaker – Verizon’s prepaid plans only use 3G, and the new ALLSET plans are no exception. So, even if your phone supports Big Red’s 4G LTE network, only 3G will be used.

If that isn’t a problem for you, and Verizon’s network in your area is strong where other networks aren’t, the new ALLSET plans are currently available for purchase.