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Viddy might just be the first to become the Instagram of video


It’s with no surprise that with lomography as one of the biggest trends from the past year, app developers continue to make it easier for the general public to create soft, hipster-effect media without the fuss of actually owning a manual camera, film, then developing it. Such is the case with Viddy, an app that aims to bring those pretty vintage filters to a motion picture platform.

How does it work? Viddy allows users to simply shoot a 15-second video clip and have the option to edit, or “beautify,” their videos before sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. And of course, because apps these days would be nowhere without a social aspect, Viddy even has its own feed on its official site where users can create an account and gain their own following of fans. Perhaps it’s also attempting a shot at being a Video Twitter.

While it appears Viddy is trying to be a lot of things, it sure isn’t the first to try to be the Hipstagramatic of videos. The app 8 mm was one of the earlier attempts at the title, and Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said it himself this past November at TechCrunch Disrupt in Beijing that the company hopes to expand into the video realm in the near future. But Viddy might just be serious competition after it announced yesterday that it gained $6 million in its round of Series A financing, bringing the total funding to a whopping $8.2 million. And these investors aren’t just some no-name backings, the roll call includes Jarl Mohn, founder of E! Entertainment Television, and Christina Brodbeck, YouTube’s first employee. And you’d think they would be good at judging what’s going to trend in pop culture and the Web.

Viddy also separates itself from the slew of similar apps by giving users the opportunity to create their own custom Video FX layers, using this feature as a marketing tool to get celebrity and movie studios for endorsements. Its recent partnerships include Disney during promotions for The Muppets movie and auto-tune king T-Pain, who designed a “premium artist production pack” that lets users apply a video effects layer featuring the artist’s signature Steam Punk TV filter. This endorsement tactic is a key component to differentiating the app from others, just as the TapTap game series excel by selling song packages from today’s most popular artists. Viddy even has several famous names as some of their biggest fans, such as Linkin Park and Snoop Dogg.

The app is currently only available in iOS, albeit for free via the App Store, but developers do promise it will come to Android and Blackberry soon (and hopefully Windows phone as well). With more editing effects constantly being added to the library, users should be compelled to come back for more. Which celebrity do you most want to see with their own custom filters on Viddy?