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20 common problems with Windows Phone 8, and how to fix them

Windows Phone 8.1 is the follow up to Windows Phone 8, which rolled out to devices rather quickly. Some stuck with the previous iteration of the OS, but despite it’s strengths, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform is not without its flaws. In this roundup, we take a look at common WP8 issues that have been reported by users, and we try to find workarounds and solutions to quickly deal with them. If you’ve encountered any of these Windows Phone 8 problems and you know of a good solution that hasn’t been mentioned, then please post a comment and we’ll add it as soon as we can.

Problem: Black screen during calls


A lot of few people have encountered persistent problems with their screen going black whenever they make or receive a call on their Windows Phone 8 device. This makes it unresponsive, so it’s difficult to cancel or end the call.


  • If you tap the power button twice the screen should blink back to life, but you may have to act quickly to end the call.

Potential fixes:

  • This is likely to be an issue with the proximity sensor. Make sure that you don’t have a screen protector covering it. It’s located next to the front-facing camera at the top of the front face of the phone.
  • You should also make sure there’s no dirt covering it. Give it a wipe or try using compressed air on the top edge to blast any dust away.
  • Some people have reported success by pushing on the screen where the proximity sensor is located, which suggests a build issue.
  • You could ask for a replacement unit, although some people have encountered the same issue on more than one device.
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