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Xperia Z2 available online to U.S. customers this summer, says Sony

Sony’s newest flagship phone attracted a lot of plaudits when it was first unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February, but up until now interested customers have had very little information about when the Xperia Z2 would actually go on sale. Now Sony has confirmed to TechCrunch that the phone will be available this summer in the U.S., unlocked, via Sony’s online store.

As yet there are no definite deals in place with carriers, but according to TechCrunch “talks are ongoing” about the possibility. If you’re in the U.S., it seems as though — at least initially — you’ll have to buy a full-price Z2 direct from Sony, rather than getting a contract deal or picking one up in a store. The smartphone is already on sale in certain Asian markets.

Despite some positive press reports and hands-on previews of the Xperia Z2, the U.S. market doesn’t appear to be a high priority for Sony right now. There have been rumors that the company is struggling with manufacturing delays as it tries to roll the device out more widely to customers, and Sony has also confirmed that the Z1 Compact won’t be appearing in the U.S. anytime soon.

While buying the phone off contract and unlocked won’t suit everyone, it at least gives Stateside customers one way to get their hands on the super-powered phone. The companion Xperia X2 tablet, announced at the same time as the smartphone, is due to go on sale in May.