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Looper trailer

With Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s seemingly mercurial rise to fame, it’s nice to see that he’s teamed up with the writer-director who helped start the ball rolling in the upcoming movie Looper. Rian Johnson cast Levitt in his indie-hit Brick way back in 2005 which featured Levitt as a high schooler trying to figure out how his ex-girlfriend disappearred. The noir-esque film drew rave reviews. 

Johnson’s Looper nicely brings an original sci-fi film to the screen with Levitt as Joe, a looper, or hired assassin, for the mob. The twist is that the mob, 30 years in the future, sends individuals that they want offed into the past where loopers take care of the problem. 

However, when the mafia sends back an older version of Joe (Bruce Willis) to be killed, Joe’s life quickly spirals out of control. Looper also stars Jeff Daniels and Emily Blunt.

Looper hits theaters on September 28.