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Pixar releases third ‘Monsters U’ trailer

With a long list of heartwarming, family-friendly blockbusters like Toy Story, Up, Wall-E, and Brave; Pixar is the undisputed king of animated movies, and soon they’ll be back on the big screen with Monsters U. It’s the first prequel the studio has ever produced, but given its track record for pumping out high-grossing, critically-acclaimed movies, there’s really no reason to think this one won’t be just as awesome as the rest (not counting the Cars series).

If you didn’t guess it already, Monsters U chronicles the early years of Mike and Sully – long before they were employees at Monsters Inc. – and follows the trials and tribulations they face as as undergraduates at Monsters University. Much like the first movie was something of a parody on the the plight of the working man, this one seems to be an animated spoof of the college coming-of-age flick. 

Monsters U is set to hit theaters in Digital 3D everywhere on June 21st.