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Prometheus opens up the story in the newest international trailer

Our minds continue to be blown by the trailers for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. The marketing campaign for Scott’s return to the Alien universe keeps upping the ante and we can’t get enough. 

Previous trailers for Prometheus have hinted at the story but this new international trailer really opens it up a bit and explores some of the characters that we’ll see. Charlize Theron as the captain of the Prometheus gets some more screen time here along with Idris Elba as the navigator. 

If you’re really afraid of spoiling the film you might want to skip this trailer. It does appear to give quite a bit away but we believe that Scott has some surprises up his sleeve. 

The basic plot for the movie is that two superpowers are battling for control of Earth and precious natural resources throughout the galaxy. One of the superpowers sends a scout team to a planet located on the edge of the galaxy, hoping to prepare it for human colonization. They discover an ancient alien ship that could explain humanity’s past and will affect the species’ future.

Prometheus will be released in the United States on June 8.