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Prometheus trailer

We are excited for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Now, he claims that it is not a prequel to his 1979 Alien genre-defining movie. However, based solely on this trailer we would strongly be inclined to disagree. Just look at some of the images like the half-moon ship which was in Alien

Besides all of that it’s good to see Scott returning to sci-fi and horror, and that mash-up. Briefly, you’ll see Charlize Theron, Idris Elba and Michael Fassbender in this movie. You’ll also see Noomi Rapace who has recently been in Sherlock: A Game of Shadows and the Swedish version of The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo

Prometheus is set for a June 8, 2012 theatrical release.

Just for comparison’s sake we’d recommend looking at the original Alien trailer from 1979.