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RIPD: Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds play ghost cops

As much as we’d love to see Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds in a movie about the hilariously boring exploits of the Rhode Island Police Department, that’s not what RIPD is about. The movie’s acronym is actually short for Rest in Peace Department: an undead law enforcement agency that dispatches stubborn souls lingering on Earth. Reynold’s plays a young cop who dies in the line of duty and works for the RIPD while he searches for his killer.

Based on this trailer, RIPD looks a lot like Men In Black, but with dead people instead of aliens. It’s not fair to judge a film based on two minutes of footage, but it’s nearly impossible to watch this trailer and not think of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. That being said, however, even if it is an uninspired knockoff, we’re willing to watch any movie where Jeff Bridges plays a hillbilly.

RIPD hits theaters June 28th.