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Snow White and the Huntsman trailer

Kristen Stewart looks a little more emotive than normal in the new trailer for the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman. The new film takes the bones of the Snow White story and reinterprets it for a more “epic” feel.

The evil Queen (Charlize Theron) dispatches a huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to kill Snow White (Kristen Stewart) due to a jealousy over the fact the White is fairer than her. However, the huntsman decides to train Snow in the art of war. Some other actors of note to look for in the movie are Ray Winstone, Ian McShane , Eddie Izzard and Bob Hoskins. 

The only important question to ask though is where are the seven dwarves? The trailer doesn’t hint at dwarves at all. That’s kind of disappointing. 

Dwarves or not,  Snow White and the Huntsman will see a summer 2012 release on June 1.