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The Dark Knight Rises final trailer

With the storm that was The Avengers falling away behind us and Prometheus failing to blow minds,  it’s time to remember that Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, will be here in a just over a month. With so little time left, Warner Brothers is hoping that their final trailer for the last in the Batman trilogy gets the hype machine going before the movie premieres.

Just to refresh your memories, Tom Hardy joins the series as Batman villain Bane along with Anne Hathaway as the volatile Catwoman. It also includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a young cop named John Blake. It’s still unclear what his role in the film will actually be, but IMDB describes the character as a “hard-nosed young Gotham beat cop.” Some Internet speculation suggests that he will take up Wayne’s mantel.

It’s not even July yet and 2012 has already dropped three summer blockbusters with at least three more on the way (The Amazing Spider-Man, Total Recall, and The Dark Knight Rises). It can be exhausting but try to maintain some excitement for The Dark Knight Rises when it hits theaters on July 20.