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Woody Allen: A documentary

Few directors have had as storied and long a career as the ever-neurotic Woody Allen. He gained his fame in the 1970s and 80s with films like Annie Hall and Hannah and Her Sisters, but he’s been steadily writing and directing movies since the 1960s with over 70 writing credits to his name on IMDB. It’s almost surprising that it took this long for a documentary to come out on the famous filmmakers.

Robert B. Weide followed Allen for a little over a year and a half to explore Allen’s habits on-set, off-screen and his relationship with writing. The film also includes interviews with a number of actors, producers, family, and friends with more than a little bloviating mixed in.

There is a version of the documentary that was originally shown on PBS’ American Masters program. This version is supposed to be 3 and a half hours long. Unfortunately, at this time there isn’t a US theatrical release date for the documentary.