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Wreck-it Ralph trailer

Let’s get this out of the way right real quick: If you’ve been around the Internet block this week, you might have seen articles about the Disney Animation film Wreck-It Ralph. Many of them, wrongly, presupposed that the movie was being done by Pixar. It is not. Yes, the above trailer does have a Pixar look to it, we saw hints of the Toy Story style of animation, but it is not a Pixar film.

We’re offering a couple of context clues for any future potential Pixar trailers: One, Pixar always puts their lamp logo at the beginning of trailers (see: Brave trailer). Two, Disney goes out of its way to let viewers know that they’re getting a Pixar movie, including the lamp logo, the name of the company and calling back to previous Pixar films. 

With all of that said, what is Wreck-It Ralph? The new movie from Disney Animation Studios follows a Donkey Kong-esque character in Wreck-it Ralph (John C. Reilly) who captures a girl and has to fend off a Mario-esque character, Fix-it Felix (Jack McBrayer, Kenneth from 30 Rock). After 20-plus years of capturing and wrecking, Ralph has gotten sick of being the bad guy. So, he leaves and finds himself in a first-person shooter (cheekily based on Call of Duty, sort of) where he accidentally unleashes a worse villian into the gaming world. 

It’s a nice trailer with the nostalgia button fully pressed down. Who doesn’t smile seeing the Pac-Man ghost and Zangief in a video-game-bad-guy-support-group? We did.

The film also stars Sarah Silverman and Jane Lynch as a cart-racer character and a FPS sergeant, respectively. 

Wreck-It Ralph hits theaters this fall on November 2.