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30 feature-length movies on YouTube that are totally worth watching

Free Movies (questionably uploaded)

At any given moment, there are hundreds of full-length movies uploaded onto YouTube by people who most likely don’t own the proper rights to distribute them. Most are taken down within a matter of days or weeks, but some survive unnoticed for years at a time. If you keep a close watch on forums (like this one) you can sometimes get lucky enough to see a new release before it’s taken down. Be warned though – many of these uploads are extremely low quality, and lots come with foreign language subtitles you can’t get rid of. Here’s ten of our favorites that have been up for a while.

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watch-now-button-175x20G.I. Jane

Most people remember this movie because Demi Moore rocks a bald head better than Bruce Willis ever did. Moore fights for more than fashion choices when she proves that women can kick just as much ass in the jungle as any man. After criticizing the Navy for its lack of women, a Texas Senator strikes a deal with the Navy Seals, saying that if a woman can make it through a set of vigorous tests, more will be added. Bancroft chooses a Lieutenant (Moore) to participate.

watch-now-button-175x20Angels in the Outfield

Angels in the Outfield is a baseball movie about how anything can happen, even if your team is awful and your best player is Tony Danza. A foster-kid (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is told by his widowed dad that they can be a family again when the Angels win the pennant. After talking to his dad, Gordon-Levitt prays to God to help the Angels win. The next day a group of angels, led by Christopher Lloyd, begins helping them make a second-half surge to the top of its division.

watch-now-button-175x20Shanghai Noon

Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson team up in this adventure-comedy. When a Chinese princess is abducted and taken to America Imperial guard (Jackie Chan) must work with a little-known outlaw (Owen Wilson) to rescue her and stop an evil plot. The film has a little something for everyone, from over-the-top action and romance to comedy and bathtub scenes, with plenty of blatant homages to classic westerns and kung fu films. Wyatt Earp, for instance.


This Aussie surf flick dives deep into the 1970s surf culture of Australia, a scrum of mom ‘n’ pop surf stores that revolutionized the industry and grew into some of the largest surf brands known today. Starting out in monochrome, the film shows two brothers and their mother escaping their abusive father/husband and resettling in a small Western Australian town with huge waves. Skip ahead 10 years or so (and into technicolor) and the boys and their mum are selling neoprene suits and shorter boards out of their garage, trying to get by and build a real business. Even if you’re not a surfer, the film has impressive surf cinematography and there’s just something so endearing about kids surfing in rugby shirts and woolen sweaters.


When you combine Nick Cave’s screenwriting skills with Tom Hardy’s always weird voice no matter the character, you get an actually pretty good movie. Revolving around the Bondurant family’s bootlegging business, Lawless — as the title implies — is violent and ruthless but, like all the best nose-breaking villains, the Bondurant brothers have soft spots, too, and if the character Cricket (played by Dane DeHaan) doesn’t break your heart, then nothing will.


A religious satire from Kevin Smith starring seriously almost every famous person in the ’90s, ever, Dogma tells the tale to two fallen angels and their devious plot to get back into Heaven. If they succeed, the world would cease to exist. Luckily the world’s savior, a divorced, infertile, abortion clinic worker, has the help of Jay and Silent Bob, Chris Rock, and Selma Hayek. Not to mention, Alanis Morissette, as God herself.

watch-now-button-175x20Léon: The Professional

Natalie Portman makes her silver screen debut as the precocious Mathilda , protégée of Léone, a solitary hitman who reluctantly rescues Mathilda when her family is murdered by corrupt DEA agents. Portman gives as commanding a performance at 13 as she does at 30 in this English-language French crime drama that is strangely touching while at the same time avoiding saccharine sentimentality, largely due to Luc Besson’s direction.

watch-now-button-175x20A Boy and his Dog

This 1975 cult sci-fi classic based on a series of short stories has the intriguing tagline, “a rather kinky tale of survival.” What more does one need to peak one’s interest? Set in a post-apocalyptic world scarce on women, Vic and his telepathic dog, Blood, have a symbiotic relationship — if an untraditional one between man and his best friend. Vic helps Blood find food and in return, Blood helps Vic find women. When Vic meets Quilla, his match in scheming and superior in intellect, Vic and Blood’s relationship is tested. If this sounds familiar, then you’ve probably enjoyed an hour or two playing Fallout — the game was loosely based on the stories and movie.

watch-now-button-175x20Ivan’s Childhood

Influential Russian film auteur, Andrei Tarkovsky, made his feature film directorial debut with this poetic but unromantic reflection on war and lost youth. 12-year-old Ivan scouts behind German lines for Russian troops during WWII after enemy soldiers kill his entire family, leaving him an orphan. The films tells his story through dream-like flashbacks and features Tarkovsky’s signature cinematic style. While many of his films are available to stream on YouTube, this one launched with acclaimed career and has been oft-refrenced as an influence by filmmakers from Bergman to Kieślowski.

watch-now-button-175x20Man With a Movie Camera

Considered to be one of the most influential films ever made, any cinephile who hasn’t seen Man With a Movie Camera should correct the oversight immediately. The experimental documentary was filmed in 1929 by Soviet filmmaker Vertov and edited by his wife, Svivlova. In it, he either invents or develops many film techniques that are now standard practice, including fast- and slow-motion, double exposures, freeze frames, tracking shots, and stop motion animations, as he depicts a day in urban Soviet Russia.

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