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30 feature-length movies on YouTube that are totally worth watching

Free Movies (questionably uploaded)

At any given moment, there are hundreds of full-length movies uploaded onto YouTube by people who most likely don’t own the proper rights to distribute them. Most are taken down within a matter of days or weeks, but some survive unnoticed for years at a time. If you keep a close watch on forums (like this one) you can sometimes get lucky enough to see a new release before it’s taken down. Be warned though – many of these uploads are extremely low quality, and lots come with foreign language subtitles you can’t get rid of. Here’s ten of our favorites that have been up for a while.

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G.I. Jane


Most people remember this movie because Demi Moore rocks a bald head better than Bruce Willis ever did. Moore fights for more than fashion choices when she proves that women can kick just as much ass in the jungle as any man. After criticizing the Navy for its lack of women, a Texas Senator strikes a deal with the Navy Seals, saying that if a woman can make it through a set of vigorous tests, more will be added. Bancroft chooses a Lieutenant (Moore) to participate.

Angels in the Outfield


Angels in the Outfield is a baseball movie about how anything can happen, even if your team is awful and your best player is Tony Danza. A foster-kid (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is told by his widowed dad that they can be a family again when the Angels win the pennant. After talking to his dad, Gordon-Levitt prays to God to help the Angels win. The next day a group of angels, led by Christopher Lloyd, begins helping them make a second-half surge to the top of its division.

The Rock

The_Rock_(movie)With action movie icons like Nicolas Cage, Sean Connery, and Michael Bay responsible for creating The Rock, was there ever any doubt this movie wouldn’t be an all-time great? Set at the infamous Alcatraz prison in San Francisco, this film finds a group of ex-cons fighting against a military group intent on unleashing chemical gas on the facility. With several Cage-isms and Sean Connery’s remarkable scowl, this is one movie which deserves several repeated viewings.

The Pagemaster


Macauley Culkin stars in this film about a young boy so consumed by the statistics of accidents, he avoids any and all things which might bring him harm. After avoiding an oncoming storm by finding shelter in a nearby library, Richard (Culkin) is rendered unconscious after slipping and falling. He awakens in a part real-life, part fiction rendition of the library, and must figure out a way to get home. Christopher Lloyd, Patrick Stewart, and Whoopie Goldberg also star in this fantasy adventure flick.

Kung Fu Panda 2


Jack Black returns as Po, a kung fu fighting panda bear thrust with the obligation of being the Dragon Warrior, despite his plump figure. In Kung Fu Panda 2, Po and his friends must thwart the evil Lord Shen from unleashing a fearsome weapon capable of completely ridding the world of kung fu. This film’s star studded cast also includes Seth Rogan, Lucy Liu, Jackie Chan, and Angelina Jolie, among many others. It’s a hilarious animated comedy well worth 90 minutes of your time.

Shanghai Noon


Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson team up in this adventure-comedy. When a Chinese princess is abducted and taken to America Imperial guard (Jackie Chan) must work with a little-known outlaw (Owen Wilson) to rescue her and stop an evil plot. The film has a little something for everyone, from over-the-top action and romance to comedy and bathtub scenes, with plenty of blatant homages to classic westerns and kung fu films. Wyatt Earp, for instance.

Insomnia (1997)


Director Erik Skjoldbjaerg writes and directs this 1997 murder thriller starring Stellen Skarsgard and Maria Mathiesen. Set in a Norwegian city, a sleep-deprived murder investigator battles against the elements in an attempt to catch a killer on the loose. Bogged down by the city’s 24-hour daylight cycle, the investigator struggles with the case, eventually tipping off the murderer of his waywardness. A fantastic performance from Skarsgard highlights this film, which also received remake treatment in 2002 by the then-relatively-unheard-of-director, Christopher Nolan.



Before M. Night Shyamalan became the laughing stock of many water cooler conversations, he actually made a good movie or two. His 2000 film Unbreakable casts Bruce Willis as David Dunn, an incredibly lucky man who walks away from a deadly train wreck with nary a scratch. He is soon approached by hollow-boned comic book writer Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson), who suggests Dunn is part of an ancient race of superheros — just like Price. Though it doesn’t feature a particularly shocking twist ending — like so many Shyamalan films — Unbreakable is still an entertaining science fiction flick.

The Inbetweeners 2


Set shortly after the first Inbetweeners film, Inbetweeners 2 finds lovable lads Neil, Will, Simon, and Jay on a gap year trip to Australia. As they venture Down Under, the crew encounter their fair share of mishaps, peculiar encounters, and outrageous situations. Based off the late-2000s British TV show of the same name, The Inbetweeners 2 is a hilarious take on what everyone’s tumultuous teenage years were like.

Encino Man


Pauly Shore, Sean Astin, and Brendan Fraser star in this comedy about two high school kids who befriend a caveman they find frozen in their back yard. After helping the caveman adjust to the 20th century, the boys decide to bring him to school where — surprisingly — he’s a hit among the student body. Fraser hilariously pulls off the caveman role (as he’s done so often in his career), with both Shore and Astin providing great supporting performances. It may feel a bit outdated today, but Encino Man is still a riot to watch.

Due to the fact that Google periodically adds/removes movies from this list, some of the films listed above may no longer be available. If you find that any of these links lead to movies that have been removed, let us know in the comments and we’ll swap them out as soon as we can.

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