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When parades get boring, fire up the best Thanksgiving movies you can stream

With bellies full of turkey, stuffing, and all the fixings, and your fix of family fun (more like drama and awkwardness, right?), sometimes the most satisfying way to end a night is to park your butt on the couch, unzip your jeans or throw on your stretch pants, and put on a good movie.

Of course football is a must for viewing during the festive holiday. But if you’re looking for something else to fill the hours this Thanksgiving, check out these great Thanksgiving-themed movies that are sure to bring the laughs, tears, or maybe even a bit of both, as you recall their greatness.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (1987)

When it comes to Thanksgiving-themed movies, no list would be complete without this comedy, starring Steve Martin as uptight marketing executive Neal Page and the late John Candy as traveling salesman Del Griffith. In a perfect odd couple pairing, Neal finds himself stuck with Del while trying to get home from New York City to Chicago in order to spend Thanksgiving with his family. As the name implies, they find themselves attempting every mode of transportation possible, as one thing after another continues to go hilariously wrong.

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