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James Franco, Danny Devito, and more stars to appear on Hulu original series Deadbeat

While Hulu’s supernatural comedy Deadbeat might not be one of the most talked about shows in the streaming universe, it seems to be gaining attention from some of Hollywood’s elite. For its second season, the series has attracted a long list of well known actors who will star in guest roles when it launches next month.

According to Deadline, the list of big names scheduled to make appearances for Season 2 include James Franco, Danny DeVito, Fred Armisen, Michael Ian Blank, Gilbert Gottfried, Jim Norton, Zach Levi, and Finn Wittrock. Packing the deck with some serious comedy ringers, the Hulu original seems to be looking to bring on stars representing multiple genres and generations of “funny.”

This season, Deadbeat will continue to follow the life of a down-and-out medium – played by Reaper’s Tyler Labine – who channels the spirit world of New York City to help ghosts tie up loose ends so they can move on to the great beyond — when he’s not too busy getting high, that is. The show’s tagline is “Helps Ghosts. Can’t Help Himself.”

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The aforementioned actors will very likely play the roles of deceased persons looking to resolve things before ascending into the light. Or perhaps the friends or family members with which a “ghost” is looking to clear the air. We’ll have to wait and see.

The guest actors set to appear this season aren’t the only big names tied to the project: the show was created by Cody Heller and Brett Konner of Wilfred and The Inbetweeners fame, and produced by Lionsgate in association with Plan B Entertainment and Dakota Pictures. If you aren’t familiar with Plan B, that’s a little company owned by none other than Brad Pitt.

A premiere date for season two of Deadbeat is set for April 20, exclusively through Hulu.