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Indiana Jones to be re-released in 3D

George Lucas loves him some 3D! Or maybe he just loves money…  Either way, Blue Sky Disney is reporting that Lucasfilms is planning on re-releasing all of the Indiana Jones movies in 3D, beginning with Raiders of the Lost Ark. And yes, they will even be re-releasing The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 3D so you can watch Shia LaBeouf swing from the vines with a bunch of monkeys and watch a man survive a point blank atomic bomb detonation by crawling into a refrigerator—but in 3D!

Like the Star Wars films which will soon receive the 3D theatrical treatment as well, the Indy movies will receive a lengthy conversion process that is likely to take at least a year. Lucasfilms has not given a projected release date for the films, but it is unlikely they will hit theaters before 2012.

Work also continues on a fifth Indiana Jones film, and according to cast members, it is just a matter of finishing the script and finding the time in everyone’s schedules. If it happens, it seems a given that the movie will be filmed in 3D.