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You just went and made a new dinosaur?’ Jurassic World trailer intros GMO dinos

The long wait until Jurassic World‘s June 12, 2015 release just got a little easier to bear thank to our first official look at director Colin Trevorrow’s take in this two-and-a-half-minute trailer. And look at all the dinosaurs!!!

This first peek wasn’t supposed to arrive until Thanksgiving, where it was set to run alongside the day’s smorgasbord of NFL match-ups. There’s still a countdown running on the official Jurassic World website, so it’s certainly possible that something different is coming on Turkey Day. More likely, the plans just changed, for reasons unknown.

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As you can see in the trailer, a fully functioning Jurassic Park means that you can expect to see a whole lot of dinosaurs in the movie. We get peeks at plenty of dino standbys, but only obscured glimpses of the movie’s super-dino, a dangerous genetic concoction that is said to spur much of the chaos in the coming movie. It certainly looks like earlier rumors of “standard” dinos teaming up with humans are true; check out that last shot of star Chris Pratt riding a motorcycle in the midst of a pack of Velociraptors.

Clever girl.