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Logitech unveils a new logo design and Logi sub-brand to reflect its ‘re-invention’ 0:30

PC peripheral company Logitech unveiled a new brand and sub-brand that it says reflects its "reinvention" as a company. Its new mission includes a focus on "advanced technology, business strategy and consumer insights."

This is the app you’re looking for: Take selfies with Darth Vader in the official Star Wars app 0:42

The Force is strong with the new Star wars app. You can take selfies with Darth Vader, send fund GIFs, practice your lightsaber skills, and more. There's also news on the upcoming movie and trailer.
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Han Solo gets solo movie in Star Wars spinoff to be directed by The LEGO Movie team

An upcoming Star Wars Anthology movie will chronicle the early days of iconic smuggler Han Solo, to be directed by The LEGO Movie filmmakers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and written by Lawrence Kasdan.
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Venice Film Festival to open with Jake Gyllenhall blockbuster Everest 2:42

Big screen, big stars, and the biggest of all mountains. That combination was enough to earn Universal Pictures’ epic disaster film Everest the right to open the 72nd Venice Film Festival.
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Mulder and Scully are back in action in The X-Files marathon promo video 0:40

A new video encouraging fans of The X-Files to begin a 201-day marathon of the series also features the first footage from the upcoming revival of the hit paranormal drama starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.
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Showtime standalone streaming debuts on multiple devices, offers Hulu discount 0:30

CBS's a la carte Showtime service launches on Apple devices, Roku, PlayStation Vue, and on the web today. The service will cost $11 per month, without a cable or satellite subscription, and even offers a discount of $2 per month…
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The journey is over for an iconic LA video store

The iconic LA video store was a sanctuary for everyone from casual movie fans to the most discerning of cinephiles, but it simply couldn't compete with streaming services like Netflix and Amazon.
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Binge watchers want an entire series at their fingertips — or else, says new study

Video "optimization provider" Conviva surveyed binge watchers to get a better understanding of their habits. They found that most binge-watchers watch one show at a time, want an entire series at their fingertips, and are quick to decide…
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Netflix sets release dates for Ridiculous Six, Beasts of No Nation, and more feature films

Moving deeper into film distribution, Netflix sets premiere dates for Ridiculous Six, Beasts of No Nation, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend, and Pee Wee's Big Holiday. But with theater chains set to boycott, who will blink…
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Shark Wahlberg gives some helpful tips to kickoff Shark Week right 1:36

In light of Shark Week, Fox's Animation Domination High-Def has released a new video starring Shark Walberg, giving us a fun look at the ocean's top predator through the eyes of a Mark Wahlberg-inspired fish.
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Following new evidence, Bounce and BET cancel all reruns of Cosby’s shows

Following the latest release of previously unsealed documents, Bounce has confirmed that the network will no longer air reruns of Cosby, and BET will cease reruns of The Cosby Show starting tomorrow.
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Harry Shearer (aka Mr. Burns and more) returns to The Simpsons

Harry Shearer, who voices numerous characters on The Simpsons, has signed a new deal with Fox, meaning he won't be leaving the long-running cartoon after all. The voice actor's characters range from the evil Mr. Burns to the devoutly…