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The Amazing Spider-Man trailer

Sony is rebooting Spider-man with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone plus Doc Connors. Here's the latest trailer for the upcoming reboot.

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Police Academy actor explores the history of video game SFX

From Pong to Portal, actor/comedian Michael Winslow looks back on the history of sound effects in video games as only he can.


How a Netflix-like service from Verizon and Redbox might work

Verizon and Redbox are teaming up to create a new subscription service that will compete with Netflix. We imagine some of the ways the new service might work, from how it will integrate the Redbox DVD kiosks to what kind of content it will offer online…

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The top 10 upcoming movies of 2012 we hope don’t suck

2012 is packed with movies that will appeal to mainstream and/or niche audiences. Some will succeed, some will fail. But here is our list of 10 upcoming movies we just hope don't suck.

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The Woman In Black review

Hammer Films' return to horror puts “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe front and center in a gothic tale of ghostly vengeance that pays homage to the classics.

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Chronicle review

The first sleeper hit of the year has arrived in the form of one of the best superhero films ever made.

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Can Redbox beat Netflix by snubbing Warner Brothers 56-day plan?

With movie studios still attempting to restrict when a consumer can rent a new release, Redbox has decided to forget the extended wait period and bring new movies to customers on launch day.

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The ReDigi legal battle heats up: Google to the rescue?

The reinvention of music ownership continues, and this time music reseller ReDigi is caught in copyright holders' crosshairs.

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Making your own Batmobile violates copyright, according to new court ruling

If you've been planning to buy a replica Batmobile, you should probably do it now -- because they might not be available much longer.


Spielberg’s The River hits UK iTunes 24-hours after US TV debut, will it curb piracy of the show?

ABC has announced its forthcoming paranormal drama The River will debut on iTunes in the UK 24-hours after its US TV premiere. Could the simultaneous release decrease piracy of the show?


Man on a Ledge review

Director Asger Leth makes his non-documentary debut with Sam Worthington and Elizabeth banks, in the heist film with a touch of suspense, Man on a Ledge.

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Mr. Miyagi returns in Vita’s Reality Fighters

Pat Morita's iconic character from The Karate Kid returns in upcoming PS Vita fighting game.


Full 2012 Oscar nominee list: Hugo and The Artist lead this year’s nominees

The 84th annual Academy Awards nominees were announced today. We've compiled and formatted the full list of nominees for every category and listed which films have the most nominations.

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Megaupload founder was also the #1 ranked Modern Warfare 3 player

Megaupload owner Kim Dotcom may be in jail for piracy, but did you know that he was also the #1 ranked Modern Warfare 3 player in the world?


Red Tails Review

PEW PEW PEW. Red Tails flies highest when it's blowing stuff up.

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