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Bruce Campbell is back (and bloody) in first photo from Ash vs. evil Dead

Evil Dead franchise star Bruce Campbell suits up as reluctant demon-fighter Ashley J. Williams once again in the first photo from Ash vs. Evil Dead, the upcoming series that continues the film franchise on Starz.
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The first raunchy trailer for the Wet Hot American Summer prequel was worth the wait 2:40

The full trailer for the upcoming Wet Hot American Summer prequel series, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, has debuted online ahead of its July 31 premiere on Netflix.
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Tony Stark to bring Pinocchio to the big screen, with Paul Thomas Anderson writing

Robert Downey Jr’s production company (Team Downey) is pairing with Warner Bros to bring a live-action version of Pinocchio to the big screen, and the film now has a big time writer on board.

Mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile to take over Garrison Keillor’s iconic radio show

Garrison Keillor, long-time host of Minnesota Public Radio’s A Prairie Home Companion, will soon retire and ride off into the Lake Wobegon sunset. Vocalist, songwriter, and mandolinist Chris Thile will take his place.
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Michael Fassbender shines in new trailer for Steve Jobs biopic 2:40

A new trailer has been released for the biopic 'Steve Jobs,' starring Michael Fassbender. Written by Aaron Sorkin, it explores the life of the late tech visionary who co-founded Apple.
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The live-action Monopoly movie has an Oscar-nominated writer

Oscar-nominated screenwriter of The Truman Show, Andrew Niccol, is working on the script for an upcoming movie based on the Monopoly board game, according to Lionsgate Pictures and Hasbro.
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House of Cards gets a new series regular in Neve Campbell

House of Cards fans will see a new series regular stepping in during Season 4. Neve Campbell, best-known for her turns in Scream and Party of Five, is on her way to DC and into the maw of one Frank Underwood.
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The first trailer for Creed is punched full of Rocky nostalgia 2:43

In the first trailer for Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler's Creed, Michael B. Jordan plays the son of Apollo Creed, who seeks out his father's old rival and friend, Rocky Balboa, in order to become a champion.
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The first teaser for Oliver Stone’s Snowden biopic keeps it simple … and cryptic

Open Road Films has released the first teaser trailer for Snowden, Oscar-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone's biopic of former National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden, which hits theaters in December.
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There’s going to be an O.C. Musical, complete with Death Cab for Cutie

The O.C. Musical is set to debut on August 30 in North Hollywood. Directed by Jordan Ross and produced by Lindsey Rosin, the show will adapt music from indie rock bands like Death Cab for Cutie that were featured on the TV series.
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The next Star Trek movie will be titled Star Trek Beyond

Filmmaker Justin Lin has confirmed that the sequel to Star Trek Into Darkness will be titled Star Trek Beyond, and posted a photo from the set of the upcoming film featuring a Starfleet uniform.
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Paul Feig posts photos of the Ghostbusters new jumpsuits and proton packs

Ghostbusters reboot director Paul Feig has posted a pair of photos featuring the new jumpsuits and proton packs his all-female team will wear in the upcoming film that's currently shooting in New York City.