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You may need to prepare yourself to say goodbye to ‘True Detective’

It's no secret that True Detective's second season failed to live up to its first, and the series likely won't have a chance to recover. HBO is reportedly looking to a new project from the series' creator, Nic Pizzolatto, in favor of a…
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Bryan Cranston is back in the drug world in Pablo Escobar flick ‘The Infiltrator’ 2:30

Bryan Cranston is headed back into the world of drugs. Broad Green Pictures has released a new trailer for The Infiltrator, which stars Cranston and John Leguizamo as DEA agents trying to bring down Pablo Escobar.
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Nicholas Hoult puts the pedal to the metal in the latest trailer for ‘Collide’

After Nicholas Hoult's pitch-perfect performance as Nux in George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road, it's not much of a stretch to imagine him putting the pedal to the metal on Germany's famous Autobahn, which he does in the new trailer for…
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A tome you can’t refuse: Francis Ford Coppola to publish ‘Godfather Notebook’

Fans of The Godfather are about to get one heck of a Christmas present: A 700-plus-page notebook about the film from director Francis Ford Coppola will hit book stores on November 15.
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‘Oculus’ director reportedly in talks to helm new Halloween movie

Paranormal Activity studio Blumhouse Productions has announced plans to bring back Halloween writer, director, and composer John Carpenter as an executive producer on a new Halloween movie.
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Report: Warner Bros. pulls producer off superhero films after Batman v Superman disappoints

Longtime superhero movie producer Charles Roven has reportedly been shifted out of that role for future films on Warner Bros. Pictures' live-action superhero movie slate due to Batman V. Superman's disappointing performance.

‘Fifth Gear’ becomes a fifth wheel, will not be renewed

'Fifth Gear' will not be renewed for another season, host Tiff Needell confirmed via Twitter. The show sprang from a brief cancellation of 'Top Gear' in 2001, and has largely stayed in the more popular BBC show's shadow.
Cool Tech

Filmmakers create epic Star Wars dogfight with FPV drones and 3D printed cockpits

The filmmakers at Corridor Digital have outdone themselves with their latest video creating an epic Star Wars dogfight with FPV drones and 3D-printed cockpits. And in a follow-up to the dogfight film, they also released a…
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Mark Ruffalo describes ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ as ‘an intergalactic buddy road movie’

Mark Ruffalo recently discussed his role in the upcoming Marvel flick Thor: Ragnarok, describing it as "an intergalactic buddy road movie" and promising "a lot more Hulk."
Home Theater

Google has officially discontinued the Nexus Player, its set-top box

The Android TV platform may be going strong, but the Nexus Player isn't -- in fact, as of Tuesday, the device has been discontinued. It's unknown exactly why the device has been discontinued.
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New 'Creating Warcraft' featurette looks at adapting the game to film

Turning a popular game franchise like Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft into a movie is no small feat. In a new featurette, director Duncan Jones and other crew members open up about adapting the game to film.
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Top filmmakers making ‘deep and three-dimensional’ John Belushi doc for Showtime

Comedian John Belushi will be the subject of Showtime's latest feature-length documentary. The premium network today announced plans to produce the film, which has acclaimed filmmakers R.J. Cutler and John Battsek on board.