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Watch: President Obama helps Jimmy Fallon Slow Jam the News

Obama spoke to a number of contentious, topical issues during his appearance on The Tonight Show. But perhaps most importantly, the President of the United States helped Jimmy Fallon Slow Jam the News.
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Mel Gibson working with' Braveheart' writer on sequel to 'The Passion of the Christ'

While The Passion of the Christ depicted the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, a potential sequel would center around the story of the Resurrection, and would likely involve less violence and gore.
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‘Sunspring’ is an absurd sci-fi short film written by AI, starring Thomas Middleditch

Sunspring won’t likely win an Oscar but Sharp, Goodwin, Middleditch, and the rest of the team should be admired for their efforts of making an entertaining short from an utterly senseless script. Benjamin, on the other hand…
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It's a double dose of Jeff Goldblum in this weird Independence Day video

It's a double dose of Jeff Goldblum in a new promotional video for Independence Day: Resurgence featuring the actor having a conversation with the character he plays in the sci-fi franchise.
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Comedy Central will serve veteran actor Rob Lowe at its next roast

Rob Lowe is handsome, talented, successful, and generally good at life -- which makes him a perfect candidate for roasting. Get ready to cringe and laugh at the same time; Comedy Central has chosen its next victim.
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The Battlestar Galactica movie has a new writer (and maybe a director, too)

Universal Pictures' planned movie based on the award-winning Battlestar Galactica series has found a new screenwriter in Westworld creator Lisa Joy, and may have found its director, too.
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Jude Law has a hilarious reason for turning down the role of Superman

Jude Law once had the chance to join the DC Universe, but he could not bring himself to do it. The British actor opened up on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert about why he turned down playing Superman.
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New set photo from ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ director sets off fan speculation

A cloak hanging in a cave set off speculation among Star Wars lovers on Thursday. Episode VIII director Rian Johnson posted the photo on his Tumblr page, leading to an outpouring of fan theories.
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ESPN to bring Muhammad Ali's memorial service to fans with hours of live coverage

Muhammad Ali fans won't have to be in Louisville, Kentucky, to pay their respects to the legendary boxer on Friday. ESPN has hours of live presence and coverage planned, starting at 7 a.m. ET.
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‘The X-Files’ meets ‘The Goonies’ in first trailer for Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’

Billed as a "love letter to the ubiquitous cult classics of the 80s," the new Netflix thriller 'Strange Things' hark back to an era of cassette players, multicolored turtlenecks, and wood-paneled walls.
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‘Suicide Squad’ is officially rated PG-13, but speculation over tone persists

It was once reported that Suicide Squad was so dark that it needed to employ an on-set therapist, but the Motion Picture Association of America( MPAA) doesn't seem all that troubled by it.

Netflix wants to send one lucky Instagrammer to the world's top restaurants

Addicted to snapping #foodporn? Netflix is looking for an official Instagrammer to send to six of the world's best restaurants to shoot (and eat) the top dishes featured in season two of Chef's Table.