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Epix follows Amazon into the brave new world of offline viewing

The network will be the first of its kind to give subscribers the ability to download select titles for offline viewing. The announcement comes as Epix finish its five-year deal with Netflix, which has claimed it will never offer offline…
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New Colonia trailer shows Emma Watson as a member of a Chilean cult 1:00

In time for Colonia's Toronto International Film Festival debut Monday, the film's star, Emma Watson, shared a trailer on her Facebook page. The preview shows Watson as a woman who joins a cult in connection with her search for…
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Justin Timberlake to voice a survivalist troll in DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls musical

A "hair-raising adventure" is scheduled for Justin Timberlake. The singer will voice a survivalist Troll named Branch in DreamWorks Animation's Trolls. The upcoming musical is based on the popular Troll dolls.
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Woody Harrelson joins the War for the Planet of the Apes

Playing a villain known as the Colonel, Woody Harrelson will be facing off against Caesar and his troupe of over-evolved apes in the third installment of the Planet of the Apes franchise
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Two men made history in American Ninja Warrior finale, but only one took home $1M

Isaac Caldiero is the first-ever winner of NBC's American Ninja Warrior, but he wasn't the first to summit the infamous Mount Midoriyama. That honor belongs to another competitor, who missed out on $1 million by the smallest of margins
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Disney’s new live-action Jungle Book trailer channels Life of Pi spectacle

Disney's new live-action Jungle Book looks a lot scarier than the animated version. A new trailer, released Tuesday, previews a darker and more dangerous adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic book.
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Stephen Colbert interviews Apple CEO Tim Cook on The Late Show this evening

Apple CEO Tim Cook will make his first late-night talk show appearance when he guests on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.’ His company just released news of the iPhone 6S, a new Apple TV and an iPad update last week.

Fantasy meets reality: the best ways to entertain yourself in virtual reality

Virtual reality is on the edge of becoming a ubiquitous form of entertainment for consumers and has already begun to shape Sports, Travel, Music, Gaming and Movies.

James Bond will carry around an Xperia Z5 in Spectre

James Bond will be kitted out with the Xperia Z5 in the upcoming Spectre film, despite Daniel Craig claiming Sony's smartphones weren't cool enough. A boost in the amount of advertising dollars may have changed his mind.
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Hasta la vista, Trump. Schwarzenegger named new host of Celebrity Apprentice

Arnold Schwarzennegger has been named the new host of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice for the 2016/17 season, replacing Donald Trump following the latter's run for president and controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants
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Game of Thrones-style sex is too gratutious for Emilia Clarke

According to actress Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), Game of Thrones needs a crash course in subtlety went it comes to on-screen sex. 'I don’t want to have sex thrown in my face,' says Khaleesi
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Netflix, Amazon, HBO take home a ton of Creative Arts Emmys

Streaming TV services including Amazon and Netflix and shows like Transparent and House of Cards, along with HBO, dominated the Creative Arts Emmys, which took place ahead of the award show this Sunday.