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Will Ferrell & Billy Eichner take to the streets of New York in Christmas onesies

WIll Ferrell hilariously took to the streets of New York alongside Billy Eichner for an episode of Billy on the Street, both wearing Christmas onesies, to ask unsuspecting passers-by about Christmas movies.
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ABC puts Abigail Breslin in the corner for Dirty Dancing musical reboot

ABC has announced a musical remake of 1987 classic romantic drama Dirty Dancing. The three-hour event will be taped, rather than broadcast live, and will star Scream Queens' Abigail Breslin.
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The biggest electronics show in the U.S. says no to hoverboards

The Consumer Electronics show has banned the use of hoverboards at the convention, a clear safety precaution, but news that may strike show-goers as odd given that it's a technology trade show.

Uptown Funk in the White House: The Obamas name their 2015 entertainment favorites

If you're curious what the Obamas have been up to in their free time this year, their picks for 2015's best movies, songs, and TV shows of 2015 will give you an idea. Both Barack and Michelle Obama recently named their favorites.
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Golden Globe fever: Netflix goes big on both screens, Steve Jobs gets redemption

Nominations for the 2016 Golden Globes have been announced, and it's clear that streaming service providers are serious contenders, specialty TV is hot, and even network TV programming is pushing out some stellar content.
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GoPro’s drone is named Karma, and you should register to win one 2:39

Launching sometime in 2016, Go-Pro's long anticipated drone finally has a name: Karma. Details are thin beyond that, but signs point to the flying camera platforms landing in the springtime.
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Sacha Baron Cohen shows off mutton chops as hooligan spy in Grimsby 3:01

A trailer has been released for the new Sacha Baron Cohen comedy Grimsby, which showcases an idiot soccer hooligan joining up with his super-spy brother to save the world from a deadly virus.
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The Legend of Tarzan trailer brings the Lord of the Jungle home again 2:07

The first trailer for The Legend of Tarzan brings the Lord of the Jungle back to his roots with an adventure starring True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard as Edgar Rice Burroughs' iconic hero.
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Say hello to the new Casey Jones in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 trailer 2:25

The first trailer for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel introduces Bebop and Rocksteady to the live-action universe, as well as Arrow star Stephen Amell's vigilante, Casey Jones.
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Women directed less than 7 percent of movies in 2013 and 2014

As the push for more diversity in filmmaking and Hollywood grows, the Directors Guild of America has released a new report examining the gender and ethnicity of the directors of films released in 2013 and 2014.
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Vevo buys Showyou video aggregator to step up to YouTube

The service has acquired Showyou, a video aggregation startup which began offering subscriptions for publishers' content last year. The streamer is hoping it can monetize content through subscriptions ala YouTube Red.
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Netflix nabs most 2016 SAG Awards nominations with a total of 10

Netflix proved to be the SAG Awards darling when nominations were announced on Wednesday. The streaming service pulled in 10 nominations, a total larger than that of any of its competitors.