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Update: Fine Brothers shut ‘React World’ licensing deal, apologize to fans

The ongoing backlash to the Fine Brothers' 'React World' licensing deal has forced the YouTube stars to put an end to the program. Since the initiative's launch last week, the Fine Brothers Entertainment channel has lost over…
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Time Warner Inc. wants a stake in Hulu, and an end to current-season streaming

Time Warner Inc. is reportedly working on a deal to buy a 25 percent share of streaming service Hulu. But, as the company reveals plans to undermine Hulu's practice of airing current seasons, its purchase looks more like a way to push…
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Watch: Mike Tyson defends pro wrestling in new trailer for Nine Legends

Mike Tyson may be best known as a boxer, but he's also passionate about pro wrestling. The former heavyweight champ-turned-WWE Hall of Fame inductee and other big names in wrestling appear in a new documentary called Nine Legends.
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Netflix pushes the limits in trailer for sketch comedy The Characters, coming in March

A group of up-and-coming comedians will star in Netflix's upcoming sketch comedy, The Characters. The streaming service has released the official trailer and announced a premiere date of March 11.
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Gwendoline Christie confirms that Captain Phasma will return for Star Wars: Episode VIII

Many were disappointed at how little screen time Gwendoline Christie's Captain Phasma received in The Force Awakens, but the character is coming back for Episode VIII and is expected to see an expanded role.
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Thursday Night Football expands: CBS and NBC split NFL broadcast package

There's only one winner in football, but the NFL let two broadcast networks score a prize when it came to making a new Thursday Night Football deal. CBS and NBC will each simulcast five Thursday Night Football games with NFL Network during…
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Louis CK has a new series and it’s available on his website

In a surprise move, Louis CK released his new show (Horace and Pete's) via his website. The dark dramedy has been described as a less cheery version of everyone's favorite bar-based sitcom.
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Netflix and Idris Elba win big at 22nd Screen Actors Guild Awards

Netflix and Orange is the New Black were big winners at the 22nd annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, with Idris Elba also taking home a pair of individual awards during the ceremony.
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‘It was time.’ Chris Carter on getting the X-Files gang back together

The new X-Files mini-series isn’t just a redo or reboot, explains creator Chris Carter. The director has gone back to his roots with eyes on fresh new material to bring his best loved work to a new generation.
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Box office hits and misses: Kung Fu Panda 3 beats The Revenant and Star Wars

The third installment of the Kung Fu Panda franchise managed to win the weekend, beating both The Revenant and Star Wars: The Force Awakens to give DreamWorks' animated sequel the top spot.
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Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson explain once and for all that the Earth is not flat

In a phenomenon that reads more like a bad sitcom joke than a serious theory advanced by people who were born after. you know, Pythagoras, there is a new "flat Earth truther" movement going around. Neil deGrasse Tyson sets them…
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Netflix is bringing back Gilmore Girls for four feature films

Grab a box of Kleenex and get ready to feel all the feels -- Gilmore Girls is coming back, and for the last time. On Friday, stars of the hit show confirmed that the cult classic would be making one final hurrah on Netflix.