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Stephen Colbert interviews Apple CEO Tim Cook on The Late Show this evening

Apple CEO Tim Cook will make his first late-night talk show appearance when he guests on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.’ His company just released news of the iPhone 6S, a new Apple TV and an iPad update last week.

Fantasy meets reality: the best ways to entertain yourself in virtual reality

Virtual reality is on the edge of becoming a ubiquitous form of entertainment for consumers and has already begun to shape Sports, Travel, Music, Gaming and Movies.

James Bond will carry around an Xperia Z5 in Spectre

James Bond will be kitted out with the Xperia Z5 in the upcoming Spectre film, despite Daniel Craig claiming Sony's smartphones weren't cool enough. A boost in the amount of advertising dollars may have changed his mind.
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Hasta la vista, Trump. Schwarzenegger named new host of Celebrity Apprentice

Arnold Schwarzennegger has been named the new host of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice for the 2016/17 season, replacing Donald Trump following the latter's run for president and controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants
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Game of Thrones-style sex is too gratutious for Emilia Clarke

According to actress Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), Game of Thrones needs a crash course in subtlety went it comes to on-screen sex. 'I don’t want to have sex thrown in my face,' says Khaleesi
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Netflix, Amazon, HBO take home a ton of Creative Arts Emmys

Streaming TV services including Amazon and Netflix and shows like Transparent and House of Cards, along with HBO, dominated the Creative Arts Emmys, which took place ahead of the award show this Sunday.
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Watch: The ’80s come alive in new Amazon series Red Oaks

Red Oaks, a new original series from Amazon, takes you back to '80s coming-of-age dramedies, as shown in the newly-released trailer for the show which puts the era's big hair and cheesy music on full display.
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Jennifer Lawrence may play a seductress/spy in Red Sparrow

Devious seductress/spy Dominika Egorova is a far cry from the characters that have made Jennifer Lawrence Hollywood's most bankable actress, which is exactly why we'd love to see her sign on for Red Sparrow.
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Francis Ford Coppola is bringing Jeepers Creepers back for a third installment

Jeepers Creepers, the early '00s horror film franchise, will return to theaters with the help of Francis Coppola. Director Victor Salva and co-stars Brandon Smith (Sergeant Davis Tubbs), and Jonathan Breck (the Creeper) will reprise their…
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The trailer for first-person action movie Hardcore lives up to its name

The first trailer for Hardcore lets you see through the eyes of a resurrected, amnesiac cyborg attempting to rescue his wife from a telekinetic psychopath and his army of mercenaries.