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Leonardo DiCaprio to adapt for film post-apocalyptic novel The Sandcastle Empire

A post-apocalyptic future impacted by climate change will be the focus of an upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio project. The actor-slash-activist is set to produce a film adaptation of The Sandcastle Empire, a YA novel written by Kayla Olson.
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Twin Peaks revival adds Naomi Watts, Tom Sizemore to cast

Though its premier is still a ways away, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks revival just brought on Naomi Watts and Tom Sizemore, who will join a mixed cast of first-timers and reprising veterans.
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Listen to Alan Rickman's final performance in new Alice Through the Looking Glass teaser 0:30

Alan Rickman can be heard as the voice of the Blue Caterpillar in the latest trailer for Alice Through the Looking Glass, the actor's final project before his death last month at the age of 69.
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54K fans want Snoop Dogg to narrate Planet Earth

A fan-created petition to have rapper Snoop Dogg narrate episodes of Planet Earth has over 50 thousand signatures, and the rapper himself says that he is interested in the idea.
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The writer and director of American Psycho will reunite for a movie about Charlie Manson

Charles Manson and "family" of murderers will be the subject of the upcoming movie The Family that will reunite American Psycho director Mary Harron and screenwriter Guinevere Turner.
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Stanford team proves Cambridge and Colbert wrong: Spider-Man can definitely climb walls

A team of Stanford researchers has proven Cambridge and Stephen Colbert wrong with Gecko Gloves. The demonstration shows a human scaling a vertical wall, proving once and for all that Spider-Man's powers are definitely possible.
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Verizon’s new Free View lets FiOS customers preview premium channels on demand

Thanks to a new feature the company calls Free View, Verizon FiOS customers can now preview premium channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz, and more for 48 hours at any time of their choosing.
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Update: Fine Brothers shut ‘React World’ licensing deal, apologize to fans

The ongoing backlash to the Fine Brothers' 'React World' licensing deal has forced the YouTube stars to put an end to the program. Since the initiative's launch last week, the Fine Brothers Entertainment channel has lost over…
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Time Warner Inc. wants a stake in Hulu, and an end to current-season streaming

Time Warner Inc. is reportedly working on a deal to buy a 25 percent share of streaming service Hulu. But, as the company reveals plans to undermine Hulu's practice of airing current seasons, its purchase looks more like a way to push…
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Watch: Mike Tyson defends pro wrestling in new trailer for Nine Legends

Mike Tyson may be best known as a boxer, but he's also passionate about pro wrestling. The former heavyweight champ-turned-WWE Hall of Fame inductee and other big names in wrestling appear in a new documentary called Nine Legends.
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Netflix pushes the limits in trailer for sketch comedy The Characters, coming in March

A group of up-and-coming comedians will star in Netflix's upcoming sketch comedy, The Characters. The streaming service has released the official trailer and announced a premiere date of March 11.
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Gwendoline Christie confirms that Captain Phasma will return for Star Wars: Episode VIII

Many were disappointed at how little screen time Gwendoline Christie's Captain Phasma received in The Force Awakens, but the character is coming back for Episode VIII and is expected to see an expanded role.