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Back to the Future’s anniversary prompts a name-change for a Kansas city

The 30th anniversary of the premiere of Back to the Future has prompted a Kansas city to officially rename itself Hill Valley for a day in honor of Robert Zemeckis' 1985 sci-fi adventure movie.
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Deadpool strikes a comics-inspired pose in new movie photos

Ryan Reynolds appears as Deadpool in three new photos from the set of the upcoming movie featuring the popular Marvel Comics antihero, featuring a script by the Zombieland writers.
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Stephen Colbert turns to public access to awkwardly (and hilariously) interview Eminem

Stephen Colbert took over a local Michigan public access show called Only in Monroe for a full 40 minutes of satire, best of which was his 20-minute interview with rapper and producer Eminem.
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Cinefix tugs at heartstrings with 8-bit tribute to Oscar-winning composer James Horner

James Horner played an integral part in several classic films during his life, providing scores to Aliens, Avatar, Apollo 13, Glory, and Braveheart just to name a few. Now Cinefix has immortalized him in a brilliant new video.
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Trump’s run for president is the best prop for late night comedy since Sarah Palin

Late night TV hosts have been giddy over Donald Trump's presidential candidacy. Since announcing his bid on June 16, the real estate mogul has served as comedy fodder on numerous shows, creating a level of presidential satire not seen since…
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Betty White, Anthony Anderson sign on for To Tell The Truth reboot

Betty White, NeNe Leakes, and Anthony Anderson have signed on for ABC's To Tell The Truth. The comedy/game show will be a reboot of the version that originally aired in the 1950s and '60s.
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TV Land removes Dukes of Hazzard reruns

As the Confederate flag has become a hot-button issue following the racially-motivated mass-shooting that occurred in Charleston South Carolina, many organizations have decided to take action to distance themselves from the emblem.
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Fatal Attraction is coming to a TV near you in reboot form

The 1987 thriller Fatal Attraction, which earned six Academy Award nominations and starred Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, is being developed as a rebooted television series by FOX, penned by the writers of Mad Men.
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Bruce Campbell is back (and bloody) in first photo from Ash vs. evil Dead

Evil Dead franchise star Bruce Campbell suits up as reluctant demon-fighter Ashley J. Williams once again in the first photo from Ash vs. Evil Dead, the upcoming series that continues the film franchise on Starz.
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The first raunchy trailer for the Wet Hot American Summer prequel was worth the wait 2:40

The full trailer for the upcoming Wet Hot American Summer prequel series, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, has debuted online ahead of its July 31 premiere on Netflix.
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Tony Stark to bring Pinocchio to the big screen, with Paul Thomas Anderson writing

Robert Downey Jr’s production company (Team Downey) is pairing with Warner Bros to bring a live-action version of Pinocchio to the big screen, and the film now has a big time writer on board.

Mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile to take over Garrison Keillor’s iconic radio show

Garrison Keillor, long-time host of Minnesota Public Radio’s A Prairie Home Companion, will soon retire and ride off into the Lake Wobegon sunset. Vocalist, songwriter, and mandolinist Chris Thile will take his place.