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Dying Light: Spotlight Edition charges $10,000,000 for role in upcoming film

How much would you pay to in the big screen adaptation of a popular video game? Dying Light developer Techland believes the answer is $10 million.
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10 criminally underrated Netflix movies you owe it to yourself to watch

Netflix's massive selection often makes it hard to find anything to watch other than what's currently trending. To help, we've compiled a list of the 10 most underrated movies in Big Red's extensive catalog.
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Will Arnett gets serious in Flaked, new Netflix series from Arrested Development producer 2:17

Netflix has released the first trailer for Flaked, its upcoming slice-of-life comedy set in Venice, California, that casts Will Arnett as a self-help guru struggling to keep his own messy life on track.
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Subversive, snarky, and sometimes sadistic, Deadpool is also really, really fun

One of the most unique characters in Marvel Comics' superhero universe, Deadpool makes the leap from page to screen in a very funny, very violent, and very unconventional comic-book movie.
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Cinemax comes to cord-cutters via Sling TV for $10 per month

For cord-cutters and cord-nevers who don't want to completely leave the traditional TV paradigm behind, Sling TV is one of the best options available. Now the service has added another a la carte movie option in Cinemax.
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CBS CEO says the company is no longer in talks with Apple about streaming TV

Any potential Internet TV service from Apple could be further off than expected, as CBS CEO Les Moonves said the company hasn't had any recent conversations with Apple about streaming TV.
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Redditor says new Star Wars syncs up perfectly with Dark Side of the Moon

Redditor claims Pink Floyd's revolutionary album Dark Side of the Moon syncs up perfectly with J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Find out how to get your Floyd-Star Wars trip on.
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Netflix wants more Master of None: Aziz Ansari comedy renewed for season 2

Netflix wants more of a good thing: The streamer has renewed Aziz Ansari's comedy series Master of None for a second season. Ansari, who serves as creator, writer, and star of the show, announced the news Thursday.
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Smuggled into North Korea, your old flash drives could help topple a dictatorship

The Flash Drives for Freedom campaign smuggles foreign media like films, movies, interviews, and website archives into North Korea. Under Kim Jong-un's ban, citizens are indoctrinated to fear the world outside North Korea and they have no…
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Richard is as klutzy as ever in new teaser for Silicon Valley season 3 0:32

HBO is getting fans ready for Silicon Valley season 3. The premium network released a new teaser Thursday, giving a taste of the ups and downs to come when the comedy series returns on April 24.
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The final trailer for Batman V. Superman shows the epic battle we’re in for 2:12

The final trailer for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice gives Wonder Woman some lines and show's Batman kicking some major butt in the lead-up to the film's arrival in theaters next month.