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Exodus turns out to be one swords-and-sandals epic too many for Ridley Scott

Director Ridley Scott once again tackles a swords-and-sandals epic with Exodus, but his own apparent boredom seems to shine through in a film that’s more tedious than terrible.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens character names revealed in retro trading cards

The names of the characters appearing in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer have been revealed via a set of old-school trading card images.

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Hulu will offer Discovery Network shows like Deadliest Catch starting January 1

Popular Discovery shows like Deadliest Catch and How It's Made will be available through Hulu starting January 1, 2015.

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Netflix and Amazon score multiple Golden Globe nominations for original TV series

Over-the-top TV services are taking over, with both Netflix and Amazon having original shows nominated for the 2015 Golden Globes

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Rob Corddry is the father of the Internet in new Hot Tub Time Machine 2 trailer

Rob Corddry is the father of the internet in new trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine 2, the sequel to the 2010 hit that co-stars Craig Robinson and Clark Duke.

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Star Wars attractions at Disney parks will be based on the new films

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that any new Star Wars attractions at Disney theme parks will be based on the new films, not the original trilogy or prequels.

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Which Pitch Perfect star is lining up to be one of the new Ghostbusters?

Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids actress Rebel Wilson confirmed that she's had talks about a role in the upcoming reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise.

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Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s short film, made entirely in 4K with Samsung’s NX1

To show off the 4K potential of its new NX1 camera, Samsung partnered with actor/director Joseph Gordon-Levitt on a new short film. Shot entirely in 4K Ultra HD, you can watch the film here.


In a panic, Sony Pictures tries to disrupt downloads of its stolen data

Sony Pictures is reportedly trying to disrupt downloads of content stolen from its servers in the recent high-profile hack, though with so much material already having made it into the public domain, the action seems like a case of too little too late.


Big red mistake: Starz CEO calls 2008 deal with Netflix ‘terrible’

Starz CEO spoke at the 2014 UBS Global Media and Communications and explained why business with Netflix is not always good.

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CBS chief says the network may stream live NFL games on its mobile app

CBS CEO Les Moonves recently discussed offering live NFL games on the digital subscription service, CBS All Access.

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Al Pacino has met with Marvel Studios about … something

Oscar-winning actor Al Pacino was so impressed with Guardians of the Galaxy that he met with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige about a mystery role.

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Mad Max: Fury Road’s teaser trailer is drenched in blood and fire

Mad Max: Fury Road's official theatrical teaser trailer has been released, and it is just as over-the-top as you might hope. Enjoy the explosions, car chases and absurd outfits.

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Honest Trailers takes on Guardians Of The Galaxy, Marvel’s ‘Space Avengers’

Screen Junkies' Honest Trailers movie critique series takes on Marvel Studios' wildly popular Guardians Of The Galaxy, calling it the 'Space Avengers'

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Why are movies more expensive than ever when tech makes them easier to make?

You can get a cinema-caliber camera at Best Buy these days, but the budgets for Hollywood films has never been higher. Why hasn’t technology made movies cheaper to make? It’s complicated.

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